When it comes to training for your dog, you want to be sure you’re working with experienced professionals who provide a seamless experience for you and your pet. That’s exactly what you get with Suburban K9, one of the leading in-home dog training providers in the country.

With Suburban K9, you gain access to highly experienced professional trainers who use proven methods to deliver the best possible results. The focus is on you and your pet, allowing you to learn and enjoy your lives together. All the training is tailored to both you and your dog’s individual personality.

Our training methods, which we’ve been developing for more than a decade, focus on ensuring your dog remains both calm and respectful. This makes your pet’s training efficient and effective. Our trainers are experts at helping dogs attain a balanced state of mind and live happier lives!

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of dog owners—along with numerous boarding facilities and rescue groups—to help train their dogs. We’ve even been called in to help champion show dogs that are starting to exhibit some problematic behavioral issues. And, we’ve had countless veterinarians recommend us to dog owners when an elevated level of training and care may be needed.

The dogs that go through our program are more calm and sociable with owners, other people and other animals. We aim to make sure that every dog has a chance to have the best life possible.

One big point of pride for our team is our relationship with the West Suburban Humane Society, where we help train dogs placed in the organization’s care before they get placed in “forever homes.” Our trainers donate their time to work with staff members and volunteers to help ensure the dogs in their care get the very best in care and attention.

Over the years, we’ve worked with the following great organizations:

  • West Suburban Humane Society
  • Shih Tzu Rescue, Adoption, and Education Safehouse (S.T.R.A.E.S.)
  • The Boneyard Dog Rescue
  • Almost Home Foundation
  • Animal Rescue Foundation (A.R.F.)
  • Animals Deserving Of Proper Treatment (A.D.O.P.T.)
  • New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue
  • H.E.L.P
  • Illinois Animal Rescue
  • Illinois Doberman Rescue
  • Romeoville Humane Society
  • Second City Canine Rescue
  • Chicagoland Dog Rescue
  • Casey’s Safe Haven
  • Road to Home Rescue


Matt Covey – Company Founder

Having grown up in a family that spent their time breeding and showing dogs, it was only natural that Matt’s long time passion for dogs turned into his profession. Matt’s training skills have given him the opportunity to train for celebrities such as Antonio Davis of the Chicago Bulls and Bobby Simmons of the Milwaukee Bucks. Matt’s reputation also allowed him the incredible opportunity to work as the head dog trainer for a show on Animal Planet. Matt’s challenge was to build a custom training protocol that would allow him to train a service dog for a young woman with Trichotillomania. The pilot episode went well and we are still hoping that the network decides to film an entire season.

Matt has a business degree from Bradley University and also graduated with honors from Northwestern Law School. His legal education is invaluable when trouble shooting tough behavioral cases. One of the most important skills when working with complex cases of anxiety, fear or aggression is ensuring that you understand the complete picture before building a treatment plan. Matt’s Lifestyle Adjustment Plans (LAPS) are widely known due to his ability to connect a huge amount of disparate data, distill it into a useful format and then create a plan that is simple and easy to apply for the client. Matt’s LAPS are the reason he is often called in by clients all over the country. Although Matt lives in the Chicago suburbs he will travel anywhere to help a dog in need. Matt is also a resource for other dog trainers when they need a consult or some assistance on a tough case.

Additionally, Matt spends time helping a large number of dog rescues and humane societies. He is extremely proud of his relationship with the West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS). Matt assisted WSHS in creating a training program for some of their dogs that needed a little “extra help” in being adopted. Both Matt and WSHS were extremely happy and proud when the program won a nationwide contest and earned WSHS a large grant due to its innovative nature.

Currently Matt’s role within the company is to head up our in house trainer development program. He works with our trainers five days per week to ensure that our trainers are consistently recognized as the best of the best. He does this through both hands on training as well as through training seminars. Most days will find Matt either training a dog with one of our trainers or engaged in a spirited discussion on how to handle a tough case. Although Matt would love to help you train your dog, his time is limited and he is only able to take on a few clients at a time. Please see below for information on all of our expert trainers who have each been personally trained by Matt.

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Matt Wlos

Matt Wlos grew up around computers and technology; his father was instrumental in creating the early course registration system for the University of Illinois. Having a computer and internet access in the home prior to any of his classmates he was able to create webpages and other basic computer programs while still in junior high. He pursued his childhood passion of working with technology and graduated with a degree in Business Computer Systems from Bradley University. After college he went to work for a billion dollar health care company as a programmer and project manager. He is an expert in automated document creation and turned down several offers to continue in that line of work.

Matt Wlos is a life-long dog owner and cannot remember a single time when he didn’t have a dog in his life. When he learned that his college friend Matt Covey was a dog trainer, he turned to him for help when adopting a new dog. After about a year of attending classes and spending all his free time around dogs, Matt joined Matt Covey as a trainer. From there the simple promise of being around dogs everyday was enough to pull him away from corporate technology.

Matt’s current role within the company is head of technology and operations. The role allows him to combine his love for dogs and his passion for computers. Although it doesn’t happen as much as he would like, Matt enjoys when he can get away from his desk and squeeze in an appointment with a client.

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Brooke Janke

Brooke has always had a special place in her heart for dogs. Growing up in a pet loving family, Brooke was blessed to have several four legged family members that made her childhood feel complete. In addition to dogs, horses have also taken a large role in her life as she has also been a riding Instructor for the last 16 years and has competed most of her life. Driven by her childhood dream, Brooke has 8 years of experience as a professional dog trainer and could not be more proud to be a part of the Suburban K9 Team. Brooke enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two beautiful little boys who she hopes will one day take on a profession that is just as rewarding as hers. She has two Bullmastiffs, Brutus and Presley who also hold a GIANT piece of her heart. Brooke has a passion for educating dogs and their owners on how to eliminate stress and ensure the best possible life together. She is a certified evaluator for the A.K.C. and can help you take the proper steps to certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen. Brooke also has years of electronic fence experience! Suburban K9 has truly been a blessing for Brooke and she can honestly say that she LOVES her job!!

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Brooke Novotny

Brooke grew up in the small town of Saint Michael, Pennsylvania. She has had a strong passion for caring for animals her whole life, and always planned to make a career of it. She received her degree in Psychology with a concentration on animal behavior from Westminster College. Throughout High School and College, Brooke worked at a Dog Kennel and loved being able to work with animals every day. She was also Vice President of the Pre-Veterinary Society where she helped organize fundraisers and volunteer at local shelters.

While at Westminster, Brooke had the opportunity to train Long Evans rats to play basketball and her rat, Orea, was the “Ratsketball” Champion! Brooke was also able to travel to Costa Rica, where she worked at an animal rehabilitation center called Kids Saving the Rainforest. Here, she was able to work with many species of wildlife including Kinkajous, Capuchin monkeys, and Sloths.

To incorporate her love for animals into her school experience, as part of her senior research project, Brooke studied how pets affect the wellbeing of their owners, to see if they acted as a means of social support, as well as a close friend. In her spare time, Brooke loves spending time with family, friends, and her dog Kylo. She loves the outdoors and finding new places to explore.

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Holly Wengerski

Holly has been an animal lover throughout her entire life. Growing up she had pet dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, turtles, and even a praying mantis! Being an only child the connection with her animals was always strong. As she grew she saw the opportunity to turn her passion into a career and pursued a degree in Animal Science. Holly graduated from Illinois State University and had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of animals throughout her education.

Holly has worked as a veterinary assistant where she spent a lot of time working with pets and applying her knowledge from her classes. She also spent a great deal of her time learning to catch birds, band adults and their nestlings, take measurements, and help out the biology department graduate students on their research projects. Holly also worked as an Animal Care Technician working with mice, opossums, and pigs, monitoring their daily health and ensured a comfortable living environment. Holly loves helping families and dogs to live happily and comfortably together. You can always find her with a smile on her face, happy to help! Holly enjoys eating, working out, going to concerts, and spending time outside or hiking during her free time.

Videos and Articles by Holly Wengerski

Julia Rose

Julia’s love for animals has always been prevalent in her life. From nursing baby squirrels back to health, to taking care of and training her family’s dogs growing up. Julia has an immense passion for working with and helping others and graduated from North Central College with a degree in both sociology and psychology. While pursuing her degrees, she worked at a natural pet store where she gained a vast array of knowledge regarding animal nutrition and natural animal care. She worked one on one with customers and their pets to address their concerns from constant itching to finicky eaters. Julia also worked with puppies helping them find the right forever homes. Julia listened to the wants and needs of the family to ensure they found the perfect match. Julia was able to gain more experience working with animals, and learned about many different dog breeds, temperaments, training techniques, etc. 

When Julia isn’t busy training dogs, she loves traveling and being able to experience new places and things. Julia is always ready for the next adventure. She has two dogs of her own Henry and Miley, a mixed breed rescue and mini Australian shepherd that love to keep her on her toes. Julia takes great pride in being able to better the lives of both people and dogs on a daily basis.
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Lenny Szatkowski – Regional Manager

Lenny has always been a dog lover and knew early on that he wanted a career with dogs. He became a trainer with Suburban K9 in 2009 while still attending college at Northern Illinois University. Lenny quickly excelled as both a trainer and a student, eventually graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Over the years he became an expert in dealing with difficult dogs and training off leash.

Lenny’s background coupled with his training skill allowed him to rise to the role of field manager in our Midwest region. His job involves working with each of our trainers on a daily basis. He acts as both a mentor and a training partner. You will often see him on our other trainers’ appointments to ensure quality and 100% customer satisfaction!

His best buddy is named Scrunts, a mix breed that he rescued from Tails Humane Society. Lenny often brings Scrunts along to help when a dog is needed for an appointment.

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Sabrina Lopez

Sabrina spent the majority of her childhood surrounded by family dogs. Her parents adopted the first of many dogs when Sabrina was just 3 years old. Sabrina took a lead roll in loving and working with the dogs from a young age. In addition to spending time with the family dogs she loved running cross-country and track.

Sabrina has a long history of making customers happy. She spent years working in the hospitality industry as a manager at Applebee’s as well as ALDI. Although she loved both of these jobs, she always felt something missing and wanted to follow her true passion of working with animals. Sabrina has a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Central Missouri as well as a dog trainer certification through Animal Behavioral College. She found her true calling as a dog trainer with Suburban K9. She currently has 3 dogs of her own, two Siberian huskies and a miniature snoodle. She spends most of her free time taking her crew to the dog park to play.

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Nelson Medrano

Nelson comes from a family with a strong tradition of dog training; both his father and brother are dog trainers. While Nelson was growing up, his father was a hunting dog trainer and he would tag along as his father taught clients both basic and advanced hunting skills. Nelson would help with the dogs as much as he could and saw firsthand how happy the dogs would be when given a job to do. Those early childhood moments laid the ground work for a lifelong passion of working with animals.

While still a teenager Nelson worked for a national chain pet store. He started stocking shelves and worked hard to become a trainer and eventually the head trainer at his location. After completing all training programs that were provided to him from the store, Nelson still had a thirst to learn. He began researching additional methods and techniques for training dogs. It was during this research that he found Suburban K9 and a new mentor in company founder Matt Covey.

Given Nelson’s wealth of knowledge and experience he has truly flourished in his role at the company and is one of our busiest trainers. He is the main trainer working with West Suburban Humane Society’s S.T.A.R. program helping some of the more challenging shelter dogs learn the skills and manners that are vital in giving them a new shot at life, and finding that forever home. Nelson takes great pride in the fact that he gets to make a difference in the lives of so many dogs and people.

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Danny Bicheler

Danny has lived with dogs his whole life, and is ecstatic that he gets to work with these amazing animal’s full time. Danny started his career in retail sales and customer service, which eventually developed, into insurance sales for USAA and advertising sales for Facebook. During his past jobs he became an excellent problem solver and that truly comes through in his work with clients and their dogs. He always tries to make a positive impact wherever he can. Danny has always been involved with team and action sports, specifically baseball and skateboarding. When Danny is not training dogs, you can find him training in the gym or outside hiking, snowboarding, fishing, camping or simply exploring his local terrain.

Videos and Articles by Danny Bicheler


Regan Anderson

Regan has been an animal lover throughout her life and has always lived with at least one dog. Growing up she had dogs, horses, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and the occasional fish! Being an only child Regan had a strong connection with animals and would spend her free time playing her dogs in the backyard and volunteering to dog-sit or walk neighbors dogs as well. A large portion of Regan’s childhood was spent with foster children in and out of the home as well, causing Regan to push her passion of working with animals aside and pursue social work as a career. Regan graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a minor in Sociology. While obtaining her degree Regan worked with horses on the equestrian team and for several different competitive show jumping trainers over the summers. After graduating college Regan worked as a Social Worker protecting the youth in the North Dallas area. Regan continued working with horses and her two Golden Retrievers. She is thrilled to be combining the people skills gained from social work with her love of animals to help families with their beloved canine family members. Regan enjoys spending her free time with her own dogs, running, riding horses, and anything that allows her to be active and outdoors!
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Alexis Johnson

Alexis grew up in a small town that time forgot and it was her passion for dogs that has brought her to where she is today. She began her training career with her first Golden Retriever which she trained to be a Therapy dog. Since then, Alexis has helped many families live cohesively with their K9 companions.

She earned her degree from Westminster College, PA in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior. Her schooling and experience has given her the opportunity to train with many animals extending from Long Evans rats playing basketball to Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions giving hugs and kisses. During her dolphin and sea lion internship in the Bahamas, Alexis had the opportunity to work with animal Hollywood stars such as the dolphin used in the movie “Flipper”, the dolphin used in the movie “Holiday In the Sun” starring MaryKate and Ashley Olson, and also the sea lion who had the lead role as André in the 1994 Hollywood film.

In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in the community with her two current Golden Retrievers, Lilly and Margo. She loves to visit school districts and spend the day teaching students about dog safety and proper care and interaction with dogs.

She has an extensive history playing softball starting at the young age of 8 which took her around the world from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cape Town, South Africa and back.

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Amanda Bauman

Amanda has had a passion for dogs as long as she can remember. Growing up, her family never had any less than two dogs. Her dad trained his own hunting dogs, and she learned to be confident working with them at an early age. After school Amanda moved to Denver, CO. While living there she worked at a preschool and as the assistant manager of a large dog daycare there. It was in this role that Amanda gained a vast knowledge of dog behavior and how to train with them.

Amanda moved back to Indiana in 2010 and worked as a behavioral therapist for children with autism. In her seven and half years as an ABA therapist she transitioned up through multiple roles, including trainer of new therapists. This role enabled her to work with new therapists and ensure they were ready to go out into the field and work one on one with children.

In her spare time Amanda was always finding ways to incorporate dogs into her life. She started out volunteering at Indy Humane Society as an Advanced Canine Companion. There, she worked with dogs that were not yet available for adoption and needed anything from work on basic obedience to socialization with people or other dogs. After buying her own home she was able to begin dog sitting and fostering dogs for multiple rescues. Advocating for rescue animals is something Amanda is very passionate about and she has successfully fostered over 10 dogs. She lives in Historical Irvington with her two dogs, Benny and Erion. Amanda loves doing anything outdoors from walking around the neighborhood, to hiking, camping, and canoeing. She also enjoys indoor rock climbing with friends and trying out new restaurants downtown.
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Alex Chadesh – Territory Manager

Alex spent the majority of his childhood learning and mastering martial arts. He began instructing others while still in middle school, becoming an assistant instructor after attaining his first dan black belt. He continued to the learn and teach under his Master while in college, attaining his second dan black belt, and teaching classes of all ages.

In addition to martial arts, Alex has a long history working in the hospitality industry. He worked his way through every position in the industry, culminating as the Assistant General Manager of a beloved Irish Pub in his home town. There he was in charge of day to day operations, and ensuring a positive customer experience for guests. He was also heavily involved in the planning and execution of large St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July festivities when the Irish Pub partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Peoria for fundraising events.

Alex decided to move on from the hospitality industry and found a home that allowed him to utilize his teaching and customer service skills here at Suburban K9, making a natural transition to training dogs and working with their owners to solve their issues. Currently, Alex assists the Monona Grove High School Boys Swimming Team with workouts and flexibility training during practices outside of the pool. He has a love of the outdoors and enjoys; camping, hiking, backpacking and canoeing with his wife and Golden Retriever. Alex has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism from Southern Illinois University Carbondale as well as a Project Management Certification from Madison College.

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Maggie Deemer – Territory Manager

Maggie has had a love for animals ever since she can remember. Since she was 4 years old, there has always been a dog or two in the house. She learned a great deal helping her mother train all their dogs on their own; from a Maltese to a Sheltie to a Mini Poodle. Maggie also gained a wealth of knowledge from her step mother who used to raise and train Golden Retrievers. Working with dogs and helping people to better understand and care for their companions has been something Maggie has always been passionate about. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and cuddling up with her 4 year old Sheltie/Australian Shepherd mix named Yolo. Maggie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology with a minor in Psychology.

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Salina Witte

Salina has had a passion for animals since she was young. Coming from a family with a background in farming, animals where always around. Her first job was feeding and caring for baby calves at a large dairy farm. There she learned the ins and outs of caring for 200 calves. At the age of nineteen she purchased her first horse Magic where delved into riding and training. Since then she has been all over Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota riding with Magic.

Salina worked as a Nanny while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching with a minor in science from the University of Wisconsin Superior. Working as a nanny allowed her to foster her teaching degree and prepare her for a career of patience and understanding. It also gave her the time and freedom to train both of her dogs on and around her family farm. Salina has decided to combine both her love for teaching and her passion for animals into a career with Suburban K9. She enjoys working with both dogs and their families to foster an enjoyable experience for both. In Salina’s spare time she enjoys training her two horses and spending time with her Yorkipoo, Monkey and her Catahoula, Denali.

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Lauren Schwabe

Lauren grew up in a small town south of Milwaukee. She has always had a special place in her heart for our four legged friends. Every minute with her yellow lab, Max, is cherished as it took many years to convince her parents to get her a puppy. She attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse where she earned a Community Health Education Degree. After college, she moved to Eau Claire where she primarily worked with teenagers at the Boys & Girls Club helping them to gain the tools and skills they need to be successful. Lauren is excited to be back in Milwaukee and have the opportunity to combine her passion and love for animals with her career. In her free time you can find her on the water, playing tennis, or sipping on coffee.


Erin Hegeman

Erin grew up in a small town in west-central Wisconsin. Her love of animals started at a young age. Her first dog was a Cocker Spaniel that her parents let her pick out at the local humane society for her second birthday. Growing up they opened their home to many rescue dogs including a yellow Lab, American Eskimo, and Australian Shepherd. Erin studied Environmental Science at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Bemidji State University interning as a State Park Naturalist at Bemidji State Park.

After college, Erin completed two years as a service member for the Corporation for National & Community Service. During those two years she tutored at-risk students at local middle and high schools, mentored youth at area Boys and Girls Clubs, and worked with several organizations to improve civil responsibility with youth and their communities. Erin became a licensed insurance agent and eventually owned her own successful insurance agency. During that time she volunteered as a dog walker at HAWS of Waukesaha. It was there she realized she could combine her passion and her career by becoming a dog trainer with Suburban K9.

Not only did her love for dogs start at a young age, but a love for music and Wisconsin sports has been an enjoyable (and sometimes heartbreaking) pastime with family and friends. When Erin and her husband are not doting over their 3 year old Catahoula shepherd mix, Penny, they enjoy traveling throughout the country often exploring State and National Parks or attending music concerts.

Videos and Articles by Erin Hegeman

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Katelyn Anhalt

Katelyn grew up on a small farm in SE Iowa where her love of animals began. At a young age she was showing sheep, goats, beef, and dairy cattle at the county and state fairs. She even taught her ram lamb “Smokey” to play basketball on the farm. After attending community college in Iowa for Veterinary Assistant and Animal Humane Officer; she went to Melbourne, Australia for Veterinary Nursing. Katelyn was able to develop her knowledge of dog psychology working at a doggie daycare throughout college. After college, she worked as a veterinary technician, and later veterinary practice manager. In her free time, she enjoys taking her Jeep off road, hiking, eating, and driving her motorcycle.

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Samantha Doig – Territory Manager

Samantha grew up in Plainfield, IL. As a child she had lots of different pets, which fueled her love of animals. Her passion turned into a profession when she went to Western Illinois University and studied Zoology and Psychology. She loved learning about the different ways animals think and interact with their environment. Her studies led her to work with animals in a multitude of environments.

Samantha has worked at wildlife rehabilitation centers and even an elephant sanctuary. She has trained animals and performed in live educational animal shows for both adults and children. The shows included live wild animals like Great Horned Owls, Black Throat Monitor Lizards, and Red Tail Hawks. After guest could come and encounter certain animals up close! Her favorite show she conducted was the parrot show, where she trained a Blue Throat Macaw how to wrestle a toy alligator.

While she is passionate about working with the animals she finds the most enjoyment in teaching people how to improve life with their furry friends. She has two Pitbull mixes, McKenzie & Hazelnut, a Quaker parrot, Kiko, and a Mexican black king snake, Rey. She spends most of her free time outdoors with friends, family and pets.

Videos and Articles by Samantha Doig


Rose Pierce

Rose was born and raised in Houston, TX, and for as long as she can remember there have always been dogs in her life. With several years of retail experience she eventually landed herself inside of a holistic pet store which flared up her passion for pets to an entirely new level. Rose found herself enamored with every furry friend she got to meet and with every pet parent she got to connect with. She helped pets with issues like fussy eating, allergies, joint issues and even those with cancer. Being able to expand her knowledge of the pet industry and educate others to make an impact on their and their pets lives was and always will be incredibly rewarding.

Her passion for animals doesn’t stop there, though. Rose volunteers at rescue shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers and fosters animals to try and make an impact in as many lives as possible. Volunteering is not only one of many pastimes Rose enjoys, but it’s taught her many valuable skills when it comes to handling animals. When she’s not being a busybody, though, she dabbles in other hobbies like hydroponics, cooking, art and spending time with her rescue pups Rue and Roy.

Videos and Articles by Rose Pierce


Marjorie Sparks

Marjorie’s passion for animals was clear at age 13 when she combined her love of business and animals to start her own pet sitting service. Through the years she gained more experience in the pet care field, first working at a large dog boarding facility and then for a vet dealing with both large and small animals. She also managed a 24 hour animal hospital for five years, before deciding to become more hands on and become a trainer. Marjorie holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an Entrepreneurial concentration from Texas State University.

Education is one of Marjorie’s favorite things. She not only loves teaching but she loves learning and continues to grow through continuing education. She brings her life-long love of animals and passion for education to each client and their pet.

Marjorie has fostered and rescued many pets through Austin Pets Alive and Miniature Pinscher Rescue. Being a native of Austin TX, Marjorie enjoys being outside, eating tex-mex, and tending to her own garden. She surrounds herself with Gidget a “shelter special” chiweenie and her cats, Piper and Jaxx.

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