Employment with Suburban K9

Take a moment and imagine your dream job. That job probably allows you to make your own schedule and the freedom to work when YOU want to. That job might include a generous starting salary, 401(K), health care, and free cell phone plan. Now imagine that job caters to your love of dogs! Working at Suburban K9 gives you all those things and more! Our trainers communicate with man’s best friend in ways the general population has trouble with. Countless dogs and clients need your help and we at Suburban K9 need you!


  • You get paid to hang out with dogs!
  • Flexible working hours
  • Meet new people and make a positive impact on their life
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Explore different places
  • Work with owners and fellow employees who are truly enjoy their job and are passionate about it

    The Things We Do

    Our company offers a variety of different training options for our clients. From basic obedience classes, board and train programs, to in-home appointments, we’re able to tackle a vast range of behavioral issues! Our trainers undergo an engaging and informative apprenticeship program which provides extensive exposure to some of the most common issues dog owners face today. We understand dogs have the ability to add a great deal of stress on their owners, and we’re here to lend a helping hand!
    Our trainers spend most of their time on our two main services, in home training and boarding and training. Our trainers generally take two dogs into their home at a time to fully train them and then train the owners after the board and train is complete. This is a fun way to earn a living, help clients, and have a truly flexible schedule.
    Suburban K9 Employment Team

    Who are we looking for?

    We’re always looking for people that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone. It’s certainly “unconventional” to make a career out of dog training, but we’re looking for those who are willing to make their passion into a day job. Our trainers are motivated. They want to learn, and continue to do so. They’re well spoken, confident, and empathetic with our clients.
    During the last 10 years we grew steadily in our home market of Chicago and then expanded to additional locations throughout the Midwest. All of our current locations are extremely busy and now we’re looking to expand further! We’re looking for individuals throughout the country that want to join our growing company. We’re looking to train territory managers who will then go on to lead their own team of expert trainers! We’re open to expanding just about anywhere, so if relocation interests you please let us know! Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison positions are also available.

    What we’re not

    We are not a franchised company. Franchise opportunities often cost up to $100,000 or more! You don’t pay us to become a Suburban K9 trainer. We pay you! Your apprenticeship program is very thorough and intense. Not only will you learn a massive amount about dog behavior, but you will be paid the whole time. How awesome is that?
    Franchises often function just like a game of telephone. What person 1 said and what person 10 heard are often very different. We at Suburban K9 take pride in the consistency of our quality training and techniques. We won’t water down our product to fatten up our wallets. We expand slow, and we do it right.

    How do you apply?

    Here is our Online Application. Don’t overlook putting your cover letter and resume in the application, that’ll be important to us. Please don’t call our front office to inquire as the receptionists are extremely busy helping book appointments for our trainers!