“I am very impressed with Matt and his training/behavior skills. He is so in tune with dogs and their behavior that he knows what they are going to do before they do themselves! Again, as a veterinarian, this is important to me, because I am often asked about behavior problems, and although I am able to help to a certain degree, I often need to refer to someone who can give more specialized attention to my patients in this area.I have had my dog for 9 years, and his behavior problems have progressively worsened over this time. I have had several trainers help me, but the fixes were just temporary, and once the training session or “class” was over, I was left on my own to figure out or remember what I needed to do. Matt has been awesome with his follow up, and is the first person that has helped me make enough progress to “see the glimmer of hope” that my dog can be good! As a result, my relationship is changing with my dog, and it is less stressful. Matt is not only helping my dog, but he is helping me to relax and feel more confident with my dog in social situations. This allows me to enjoy my dog more and even take him to public places more!I cannot thank you all enough for your help and kindness.”
Dr. Lisa Mikol-Doering, DVM
“My husband, Tim, and I can not say enough good things about Suburban K-9 and their staff. We sing their praises everywhere we go and have dubbed Matt Covey our local dog whisperer!We learned about Matt from friends after we began considering adding an American Bulldog to our family. With two smaller dogs and a six-month-old daughter we knew that socialization would be important for our pup. Little did we know that we would need a lot more than socialization!Our “little” bundle of joy arrived weighing 10 pounds at seven weeks old. Adorable and sweet, Drago also had a bit of an aggression problem. He did not want to take any orders from me and communicated his displeasure through snarling and biting me. The breeder wanted us to put Drago down which was out of the question! Gratefully, there was Matt. While most trainers do not work with such small pups, Matt has personal experience with Am Bulls. He took Drago in for rehabilitation for two weeks. Afterwards, he taught us how to work with Drago, so that we could better understand pack behavior and know how to maintain and continue his progress as well as rehabilitate the two other dogs we have.Since then, Matt has been a constant resource for us as Drago has grown and pushed his boundaries as all stubborn Am Bull pups will do. The staff is wonderful and well-versed in how to handle dogs of all personalities and sizes. Drago has also gone through Distraction Training with Matt and is the most well-behaved seven-month-old dog you will find around. We get so many compliments on his behavior, and people are amazed at how young he is since he is now tipping the scales at 80 pounds!I would, and do, recommend Suburban K-9 to friends, family and strangers for their comprehensive programs, well-trained, caring staff, and remarkably talented trainer-Matt Covey.Thank you for all you have done for us and for giving us a place to go that our dogs can call their second home!”
Rebecca & Officer Tim Mace
We originally brought our year and a half old Yellow Lab Mix, Chrissy, to a daycare for an evaluation. She didn’t pass because she was aggressive towards the other dogs. This didn’t surprise us since we brought her to a dog park and she was aggressive to three different dogs. When we walked her and we passed another dog or person, she would always jump and get excited. As her way of greeting people at our door, she would always jump on them. We didn’t trust Chrissy in our fenced-in backyard because she would escape by jumping the fence.The daycare recommended Suburban K9. We decided to enroll Chrissy in the two week board and train program. When we picked up Chrissy two weeks later, she was a different dog! Matt calmed her down, so she listened and didn’t jump on people or other dogs. She heels when we walk her and listens when we tell her to sit and stay. She also comes when she’s called, even when we’re outside. After her training, a couple people came to the door and we told Chrissy to sit and stay and she did! We can even let Chrissy out in our yard by herself. Now we enjoy taking her to the forest preserve for long walks and really enjoy her and … she has also been accepted in daycare!We highly recommend Matt. Chrissy really loved him too! When we came a week later for our follow-up visit, Chrissy was really excited to see him!
Tom and Barb Dayment
These guys are the best! I was going to give my dog to a shelter due to his aggression. Everyone told me to put him to sleep but I just could not do it. One of the shelters I called told me to call Matt and have him evaluate my dog. Matt told me that he wanted to see my dog and I in our home where the issues usually occur. When he walked in the door I was terrified that George was going to attack him but Matt walked in and within ten seconds told me that my dog was scared, not aggressive. He took him for a ten minute walk by himself and by the end they were best buddies. Matt was the first person that was able to touch George without a muzzle on in almost a year. By the time he left George had met two of my neighbors and I now have the confidence to start taking him for walks to meet new people. Needless to say George will not be going to a shelter, he is staying right here with me where he belongs.
Carol M
I have been taking my pit bull Prince that does therapy work to Matt, their staff trainer, for obedience training, and he is by far the best trainer I have ever had.  (I have worked in pit bull rescue for over 10 years and have had many, many dog trainers work with my foster dogs, and no doubt Matt is the very best at what he does!)  He has an amazing ability to control dogs with his firm and yet gentle nature. He also worked wonders with our very challenging and dog aggressive mix breed Mosley. I can’t say enough good things about Matt, my husband and I completely love him and what he has done for our dogs! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Matt and Suburban K-9 and highly recommend them!!!!!!!!!!  =)
Amanda R
I called to schedule a training session with Matt, based on his knowledge and experience with shelter dogs.  We recently adopted a Shih-tzu Lhasa Apso mix who Is terrified of men (would snap at my husband on occasion) yet she just needed some help.
I did quite a bit of on-line and Yelp review research to try and find the perfect trainer to help us with our needs, and found Matt. When I called, he promptly called back, and listened to our situation in great detail.  He seemed pretty confident that he could help remedy our issue with Stella.  I was impressed that he took the time to listen, didn’t try to sell us a bunch of training sessions and could make it to our home soon after the call.
We scheduled a house visit, and after an hour, Matt made recommendations that worked immediately with my husband.  Nothing too crazy, just simple tasks to be completed everyday to help Stella be more comfortable and actually approach men.  Matt helped us with a solution, unlike some of the other trainers I called which told me good luck, or told us it would take several sessions to help her get over her fear.  One session is all it took, and offered phone assistance with any questions we have.  He is truly top notch, loves what he does and is not out just to make a dollar.  He offers simple solutions that work!  Thanks Matt!!!
Cindy S
We adopted a shelter dog [golden/shepherd mix] about a year ago. Maggie had a lot of issues as most shelter dogs do. A friend recommended Matt’s training and it’s the best investment we’ve ever made. Matt and the crew are amazing. We did the 2 week board/train program and Maggie came home more focused/relaxed, trained and like a new dog. I would highly recommend this program and facility to anyone needing to train their dogs. Matt works with you and are truly there for the pups, not the buck.
We currently are doing our distraction classes that came with our package and they’re helping already. When we board Maggie while on vacation soon, we will do a couple refresher classes as well to keep her focused and busy while we’re gone. Thanks so much to this team!!
J. K. from Plainfield
We did our training in the only way that made sense. In our home. I have done classes for over two years with our lab/pit mix with marginal results and finally decided to find a new trainer. Our girl was great at sit, down, give paw and what not as long as we had a treat, but was becoming unbearable in the home. We had two of Suburban K-9’s trainers come to our home for a series of visits and life has become so much better. We have a baby coming in a few months and finally have a dog that doesn’t jump on everyone and nip people (out of excitement) at the door. Our house call package was exactly what we needed, we just wish we found these guys first.
Kristy B
My husband and I foster labs and have taken the last three to Suburban K-9. The first was very aggressive on leash and they were recommended by our vet. Within about four or five days we were able to walk past dogs with no more lunging. Our next two fosters were friendly, but big overgrown puppies. The trainers helped me (i’m 5’2”) walk them without being dragged. We have done two house calls with each dog and learned so much on each visit. Thank you so much guys, you have no idea how much easier you make our life.
Kimberly Saris
Suburban K-9 is the absolute best. We foster labs and have worked with many trainers over the years. One of our friends who also fosters recommended Suburban K-9. We had them come out for a home visit and they worked with our foster and even gave us tips for our own two dogs. They are the perfect mix when it comes to training. They don’t use treats for everything and they were still able to train in a very gentle manner.
Tiffany N, St Charles, Il
Scared of Loud Noises 😐 My family and I took our 3 year old German Sheppard to the trainers from Suburban K9. Our German Sheppard was frightened by loud noises, thunderstorms were always the worst. The fear seemed to start when he was a puppy and progressively got worse as the years went on. We had tried all sorts of different methods for calming the dog down that we found online; some seemed to work for awhile, however you could tell that the dog was still nervous and eventually the dog would get so worked up that he would begin to tremble and whine. About the time that we had given up a coworker had their dog trained at Suburban K9 and told us we should give it a try. We did a package of lessons in our home where the trainer listened to our issues and laid out a plan for addressing the fear by giving the dog a job and setting up as many situations with loud noises as we could. It has been a few months now since the training and we have continued to work with the dog and have great results. We are so glad that we were told about Suburban K9!
Just finished a 3 appt training scheduled for my dog Kuma with Suburban K9. Kuma is a rescue dog I have had for about 3 years with some “other dogs and people” issues that at times had me at wits end. By the end of the first visit, I had a totally different dog, he helped me discover its not so much the dog per say but the owner. They taught me how to help Kuma know I was the leader on our walks and to stay with in control buy simple commands and reminders. Subsequent visits helped Kuma to allow food on the counter without sneaking it on the floor, better receive people coming to the door and in the house as well as her not feeling threatened by passer’s by when she is gazing out the window…so grateful for the experience, not to mention Kuma absolutely loves training….Thanks so much for your help and guidance, you are fantastic…I hope everyone hears this from the roof tops!!!!
Nan Reilly
We had a house call for our wonderful Doberman Dillinger, due to changes in the household – was having some issues with figuring out who the pack leader was (our own fault). Matt came in and spent a little over an hour and the information and training (of US) has worked wonders!!
He let’s you know the error of your ways, why the dog is acting as he is and the most simple and direct instruction to correct the situation.
I have recomended this Site, and training to many friends since. Also – the GOUGHNUTS toys are amazing! It is Dillingers number one goto toy and is wonderfully indestructable!!
We are looking forward to our next training house call (Fence Respect), as well as CGC classes to increase our bond with our dog.
Lesley Kolar & John Fagot
After being surprised with a 22 lb, 9 week old South African Boerboel (a South African Mastiff) that I was told would be 170 lbs. when it was full grown, I knew I needed to start training with him immediately. I could not have a giant dog that I couldn’t control. I Googled dog trainers in my area, and found Suburban K-9, and boy was I glad I did!!! They were amazing at teaching me not only the basics of house training, sit, stay, come, but also helped me understand the personality and traits of this breed of dog, and also gave me a heads up to behaviors he would exhibit as he got older. My dog just turned 2 this week, and I can’t tell you how many comments I get on how well trained and what a gentle giant he is. I owe all that to Suburban K-9. Since finding Suburban K-9, I have referred them to numerous people who all can’t say enough about their training. Thank you Suburban K-9!!!
Kathy Badonovich
I live out of state and sent my dog here for a board and train. The trainers made the process very easy to drop my dog off and pick him up. The training was great and the results are exactly what I was looking for. I dropped off a raving lunatic and picked up a well mannered dog. Thor no longer jumps on people and he doesn’t even pull on the leash anymore. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Claire Jacobs
We rescued a 1 year old Newfoundland male (Admiral) from a rescue group. Admiral did not have any sort of socialization nor was he ever allowed in a house as a puppy. While he is a great dog, he tended to bite and get over excited when you would pet him. It was getting pretty scary as he is 110 pounds. I called many training facilities and all of them told me he was “vicious” and told me that he needs to be put into doggie bootcamp (board and train). One told me he needed to be in their doggie bootcamp for a minimum of 2 weeks going as long as 6 weeks and at the end of the 6 weeks they said they would let me know if he is too vicious and needs to be put down. How can you evaluate a dog over the phone? I emailed Suburban K-9 who was the only one that said that they wanted to do the training in the home where the biting occurs. Matt Wlos came over and let me know that he isn’t vicious just still a puppy with ALOT of energy. Matt showed me ways to correct the biting and how to help calm Admiral down when he gets over excited. He showed me how to walk Admiral in a heal position. A few hours after Matt left, I took Admiral for a walk and he walked perfectly in the heal position. I was even complemented on how I can walk that large of a dog without him pulling (as their 30 pound dog pulled them down the sidewalk). I told them 1 training session with Suburban K-9 and you won’t have that problem. The next day my parents came over and said that they noticed how much calmer he was and how much easier it was for me to handle him. Every day I see such an improvement in Admiral that it amazes me! I cannot thank Matt and Suburban K-9 enough. We were getting to the point of deciding whether or not to return him to the rescue because of this issue. While Admrial still has aways to go, his progress is steady and always going up! I have already started suggesting to everyone I know that has a puppy or a dog that complains about something to call Suburban K-9. You just cannot go wrong with them!
Eden Stroud
I have an 11 month old German Shepherd.  This was our first dog and we were very unprepared.  He had many bad habits including barking for attention, jumping up, play biting, food begging, on-leash issues, etc.  To go along with this he also would show a lot of frustration when being told what to do.  He would bite at us anytime we tried to get him out of a room he was not allowed in or even when we tried holding him back when we tried leaving the house.  Overall he was lacking any obedience whatsoever.  His frustration along with his bad habits made us completely miserable.  I called Suburban K9 to have them work with him.  They were very polite and far exceeded my expectations.  I chose the board and train program in the trainers home.  Lenny worked very hard on  my dog’s on-leash and off-leash obedience.  He also worked on my dog’s frustration as well.  When Lenny brought our dog back, you could immediately tell a difference.  He broke those bad habits and gave us the education on how to handle things going forward.  The follow up visit was also very helpful to ensure we were correctly following through with the training.  Lenny far exceeded my expectations and was very polite, professional, and helpful.  He made it very clear that if we needed any help, or simply some advice going forward, to give him a call.  You can tell he and the staff at Suburban K9 sincerely care about helping people get their dogs where they want them to be.  I did a lot of research on what trainer to send my dog to, as I wanted the best for my dog.  After choosing Suburban K9 I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  Thanks to Lenny and the staff at Suburban K9 I finally have the dog I had hoped for.  Thank you!
William Lind
I have trained a few dogs with Suburban K9, and they have been able to help me with two very different dogs.  My first dog was a timid lab mix that we rescued.  After working with 3 different trainers, we settled on Suburban K9.  They helped us get Anika to the point where she was happy in public and thoroughly enjoyed our outings.  My current pup is a Rottweiler that is as bull headed as it gets.  At five months old he was causing so much trouble that we were unable to take him with us in public.  We like to travel with our dogs and we need them to be well mannered in public.  We have done a couple of private sessions and Oneo is now walking well on leash and is no longer jumping on everyone and barking his head off if they ignore him.  If you need professional and experienced trainers, this is the way to go.
Scott M
I cannot even begin to express my pleasure and gratitude to Suburban K9. Their work with Sasha (a 2 year old German Shepherd rescue dog) was nothing short of miraculous!
Not only did they address her aggression issues, they taught me how to address them. I had taken my dog to other trainers, and saw little to no results, Suburban K9 achieved amazing results in just two short weeks. I would strongly recommend them for any and all training.
After seeing the amazing results of the two week ‘board and train’ I will continue to drive more than 60 miles to continue Sasha’s training with them.  Suburban K9 truly understands the needs of the dog and their owners.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and dedication – I know that as I continue to work with Sasha, she will be all that she was meant to be!
Carol B
I give Matt and the suburban K9 team my absolutely highest recommendation! Matt was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, smart, relaxed, and made the whole experience fun.  Totally helped not only with our new puppy, but with a family member’s adult, problem dog.
If you are shopping for a trainer, look no further, you found your guy.
Jeff K
Hands down the best dog trainer we have met.  From the initial phone call where they explained their program and took detailed notes on our dog, to our training session and follow-up, I can only say they are FANTASTIC!  We have a new dog who is a joy to be around.  Thank you!
Holly Z
I have had the wonderful experience of working with Matt Covey and his Suburban K9 Trainers for at least the past 5/6 years. I am a Volunteer at West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove and with Matt’s guidance the Star Program was developed for dogs that many people might be deemed unadoptable.  Matt came in with his knowledge and love for dogs and helped us Volunteers work with these dogs and help them on their way to their furever homes.  He gave us his time , his energy, and his knowledge so that we could work with these animals and also the security that if we had any questions all we had to do was call him and he would be there, and he was.  Thank you so much and my Sasha also thanks you, you gave her life.
Sandi K
Suburban K9 helped train both if my dogs, they are fantastic! We went through basic and advanced obedience and had a great time in class. They were supportive and helpful through the process, even when one of our dogs misbehaved in class. The best part, they taught me how to train them WITHOUT treats! They made classes and learning fun for both me and my dogs and I couldn’t be more proud of how well behaved our dogs are. We have friends over all the time who constantly tell us how well trained our dogs are. We owe it all to the Suburban K9 team being so supportive and teaching us the tools we needed to remain in control and consistent with training. Thank you all so much!!
Sarah Bond
Thank you THANK you Matt and Alex for our first visit this past weekend. Dax is a new dog!! AMAZING! We can FINALLY take walks with her right by our side – no crazy, no off the page, no nightmare!…… She’s not only a new dog but a HApPy one finally able to take walks and see the world she’s missed for 4 years. Dax and her family are very VERY grateful!! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us get our dog back ~ You are THE BEST!!
Nina Neely
Our rescue, Road to Home Rescue adopted a dog out to a home in Chicago from NY… This is always risky in general but with a dog who never had a home, it’s even harder. When it didn’t work out, we were at a lose considering it was so far away.
Matt helped us with quickly finding a place he can go to get his boarding and training.
They did a great job with Astro and with updating me on his progress, and I texted him a lot, ( I still do) and he’s great about answering my questions.
To bad you guys aren’t in NY! Great job, thanks!
Nicole Messineo
Matt came to my home when I rescued a 2 year old mix. My son was having issues with Tuck and the behavioral issues were getting worse. Once Matt showed us some techniques in our home we employed them consistently and now the two of them are great friends. Tuck is no longer scared and my son knows how to handle him. I highly recommend Matt to help any family who is facing behavioral issues from jumping on people to growling. He’s the best!
Michelle Canada
Suburban K9 is better than excellent they are miracle workers 🙂 I am so impressed with their understanding of dogs and owners…they know that both need to be ‘trained’. I brought them a dog aggressive two year old German Shepherd that was a rescue dog. I went with a two week board and train. When I picked her up two weeks later I had a different dog in the most POSITIVE way. We will continue to work with Suburban K9 and follow their recommendations. I would recommend their services with no hesitation…you have my heartfelt thanks!

I have been a client of Suburban K9 for over a year. I wanted to comment on their character and dedication.

I first brought my 18-month-old GSD rescue to Suburban K9 and was completely desperate. I had worked with two other trainers and had gotten very limited results. They were insistent on focusing their energy and training on obedience, which was not the problem. Sasha was extremely dog aggressive. I was fearful that if I could not get her under control, I would have to give her up. I was told that in her first eight months she had been with four different families and if I could not handle her there was a good possibility of her being euthanized.

Suburban K9 listened carefully to what I had to say and what I had experienced. He was able to witness Sasha’s aggressive behavior during our interview. He took the time to reassure me that she was indeed trainable and recommended the two-week board and train. I admit, I was skeptical but did follow his advice. During that two-week period, they responded immediately to my calls and questions. He was patient, reassuring, and extremely positive. When he posted a video of Sasha walking freely among other dogs in the day-care facility, I must admit I was brought to tears. Here was a dog I thought I was going to lose
and he had her acting like a good citizen!

Suburban K9 recommended that I continue with obedience class…there was no question in my mind that I would do so. Suburban K9 had just worked a miracle with my dog and I was going to follow his advice. We even ‘doubled up’ on classes, going to training not once but twice weekly.

When Suburban K9 suggested we attend an ‘off-leash’ training class my skepticism once again surfaced. I was fearful, I didn’t feel Sasha had progressed enough to be off-leash. Once again, Suburban K9 reassured me and we began the classes. Once again Suburban K9 was right….Sasha is doing very well in class.

To be honest with you , I am not really sure how the conversation came about but I did ask Suburban K9 if he thought Sasha would do well with another dog….a puppy. There was no hesitation, he immediately said yes. When I asked him if he would help me pick out a puppy, he said he would. I went on a search for another GSD. In a very short time, I found a puppy, another rescue from a puppy mill. He came with me, on his own time, to view and assess the puppy.

I was disappointed when he said he did not think this puppy would be a good fit for Sasha. She was not socialized and the amount of training it would take to make her a reasonable fit would be very extensive. Suburban K9 believed there was a better fit out there; I just had to keep looking. I was surprised and very impressed by his honesty. He could have very easily encouraged me to get the puppy and therefor assure himself of more training opportunities. Instead, he displayed integrity and support for my dog and for me by being honest.

I did find the right fit….a beautiful GSD that is only eight weeks old. Again, on his own time, Suburban K9 took the time and care to introduce Sasha to the puppy. He knew I was apprehensive, and he settled my concerns. The two of them are getting along beautifully, and I believe that is the case because they were properly introduced.

I am not new to dog ownership, nor am I a novice when it comes to working with trainers. I say that only to let you know how impressed I am with Suburban K9. I will continue to attend classes and look forward to the time that Trinity (the new puppy) will also be able to experience his expertise.

Carol Benda
I am sitting on the beach in Manasota Key Florida with my very well behaved and now well traveled dog Duke. I am so very grateful to our trainer Lenny for all he has trained Duke to do. I drove from Mystic CT to Chicago and then down the Gulf coast of Florida with many rest stops and nice hotels!  Duke has stayed at the Ritz Carlton! He is amazing. After the initial shock of his appearance since he is a big muscular pit bull, people who meet him and even just take notice of how well trained he is from a distance constantly comment on what a wonderfully sweet dog he is.
My sister and her three young kids stayed with us for a week and he was excellent with the children. I am very impressed and proud of who my dog has become with the boot camp sessions. Thank you all!  I have always wanted a dog like Duke. Now I can’t imagine living without him!
Thank you!
Jackie Rodenkirk
We wanted to thank Suburban K9 for helping us with our dog Bosco. Bosco has bad allergies and would lick his feet so bad that they would be raw and sore. Over time Bosco did not want anyone touching his feet at all. It was getting to the point that the vet wanted to medicate him in order to cut his nails. Bosco is a very happy and playful dog so it was surprising to see him become so aggressive. I knew something had to be done. Suburban K9 taught me how to get Bosco to lie on his side and let us touch his feet. I couldn’t believe it as we were able to get Bosco on his side , cut his nails and touch his feet with no issues at all. I was thoroughly amazed. We continued to work with Bosco at home and to this day he shows no aggression when we touch his feet. Thank you so much for giving us our happy dog back. We highly recommend Suburban K9 for all of your training needs.
I have been training with Suburban K9 for about 18 months. We have made great progress and have worked through a lot of confidence issues. I have trained several dogs in the past most training catered to people who want to show their dogs. The distraction training Suburban k9 offers is great for teaching you how to work with your dog for normal everyday living.
Joan Lahey
Our rescue, Road to Home Rescue adopted a dog out to a home in Chicago from NY… This is always risky in general but with a dog who never had a home, it’s even harder. When it didn’t work out, we were at a lose considering it was so far away. Matt helped us with quickly finding a place he can go to get his boarding and training. They did a great job with Astro and with updating me on his progress, and I texted him a lot, ( I still do) and he’s great about answering my questions. To bad you guys aren’t in NY! Great job, thanks!
Nicole Evans Messineo Road to Home Rescue
Matt Covey came to my home when I rescued a 2 year old mix. My son was having issues with Tuck and the behavioral issues were getting worse. Once Matt showed us some techniques in our home we employed them consistently and now the two of them are great friends. Tuck is no longer scared and my son knows how to handle him. I highly recommend Matt to help any family who is facing behavioral issues from jumping on people to growling. He’s the best!
Michelle Canada
Suburban K9 helped train both if my dogs, they are fantastic! We went through basic and advanced obedience and had a great time in class. They were supportive and helpful through the process, even when one of our dogs misbehaved in class. The best part, they taught me how to train them WITHOUT treats! They made classes and learning fun for both me and my dogs and I couldn’t be more proud of how well behaved our dogs are. We have friends over all the time who constantly tell us how well trained our dogs are. We owe it all to the Suburban K9 team being so supportive and teaching us the tools we needed to remain in control and consistent with training. Thank you all so much!!
Sarah Bond Paddock
After a lot of frustration and a quite a few scars, we decided to call the training organization that helped us with my mother in law’s Rottweiler, Max. Suburban K9. They are truly an amazing group of people and really know how to help correct unwanted behavior in your dog. When Matt Wlos came to our house to meet Maddy, he was quite shocked at how bad her biting really was. Even being only 8-9 weeks old! He worked with us and Maddy for an hour and a half and showed us how to correct her when she get into ‘bite mode’. The next couple of days were a lot of work, but what Matt showed us, worked immensely. The money we spent for the hour and a half of time, was well worth it and we are so grateful for their time. The following week, we had Matt come back with another trainer and two other dogs to help socialize Max and Maddy. When Matt walked up to our house, he couldn’t believe the difference in Maddy’s behavior! She was like a whole new puppy! She was the best behaved dog out of the bunch that day! He and the other trainer spent another hour and a half with us that day, working on socializing with Max. Maddy loves Max to death, but he is a little more weary. This session went so well, before Max wouldn’t even let Maddy near him and now they can play together!! We also learned to proper way to introduce Maddy and Max to a new dog.
Jon and Jessica Kutil
I can’t say enough about what Suburban K9 has done for me. My Shepard Jester was a mess and after 2 weeks with them I have a new and improved Jester. Suburban K9 saved me from having to give Jester up because of aggression issues. Suburban K9 kept the family together. Thanks again!!!!
Joseph Cassidy
Thanks to Alex and in home training Kate is very nicely doing a sit stay in vet waiting room. Last time we were here (before training with Alex) I asked to go directly into an exam room to avoid waiting room chaos!!!
Marti Donnan
I adopted Bailey two years ago, at age five, from a Humane Society. I have virtually no information on her life circumstances prior to her being surrendered. I did know from her behavior that she was not socialized. Bailey was aggressive towards anyone who came to our home and had actually bitten 3 men. Her behavior was equally aggressive in the car if anyone approached or was nearby. She also would be on the defensive on walks when meeting other people and their dogs. I knew if I were ever unable to care for Bailey I would not be able, in good conscience, to arrange for a family member or friend to care for her. With this realization, I knew I had to find Bailey proper training.Initially, I spoke with Jeanne on the phone to discuss the program and my questions. She was very knowledgeable and empathetic in addressing my comments on Bailey’s behavior and my concerns about how Bailey would be “trained.” She suggested that I speak with MJ, the trainer, in order to have further questions addressed before making a decision. MJ called the same evening.I again discussed some of the same issues I had talked about with Jeanne. I needed to be absolutely sure that Bailey would not only be receiving training, but that it occurred humanely and that she would be well cared for. It was a very emotionally difficult decision to surrender her to someone I virtually did not know. Because of my apprehension, MJ suggested that I talk with the owners of the program. Both Matt Covey and Matt Wlos emailed on several occasions and I also spoke with them on the phone. They were patient, interested and caring in addressing my questions and concerns. Due to their responses, I was able to comfortably make the decision for Bailey to enter training.

The morning MJ came to meet Bailey and take her home with him, he stayed and talked with me an hour. MJ’s professional, knowledgeable and empathetic interaction resolved any lingering anxiety. I could let Bailey go, knowing she would receive the training she needed and be well cared for. Throughout the two-week period, MJ sent me an email with daily progress reports including photos and videos; we spoke on the phone several times. I found the regular progress communication to be very reassuring and comforting.

It is now two weeks since Bailey returned home from “home training” with MJ in Milwaukee. She knows the essential commands of heel, sit, down, stay and come. The foundation for Bailey following the commands had been established. It was quite impressive watching MJ and Bailey interact as he directed her through the various commands which she immediately responded to.

MJ then began the second step of the program which was teaching me the commands and how to follow through with them with Bailey. MJ accomplished this with enthusiasm and encouragement that impacted my confidence in learning in a positive way. This is when my “work” began, it is a daily process of practice and more practice; continually and consistently reinforcing what she has learned. She will still on occasion try and test the boundaries of the commands and we are working on people coming to the door and entering.

These issues are more related to my giving and enforcing the commands in an effective manner. With that said, we are making steady and continuous progress. Once in a while in life, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet someone who is outstanding in what they do, on a consistent day in and day out bases. I have had this experience with MJ. He has always been on time, kept commitments and demonstrated true devotion to rehabilitating Bailey beyond the requirements of the program. In a gracious and unassuming manner, he has helped me to recognize what behaviors are important on my part to provide Bailey with a better quality of life. To quote Maya Angelou: “The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination……” This exemplifies Michael Jahnke.

Patricia Fox
Suburban K-9 Milwaukee was better than I expected. I would recommend it to anyone looking for help with their dog. The results were excellent and one month later my dog and I are still doing well. Being treated fairly was my main concern when I decided that I needed help for my five pound Maltese. I called Suburban K-9. Jean, receptionist, had good information about MJ, the trainer.
It pleasantly surprised me how quickly SuburbanK-9 Milwaukee responded once I made the decision. MJ drove to pick up the dog as well as bring him back. I was absolutely amazed how my dog took to MJ immediately! MJ listened to concerns I had due to my dog’s size. I also asked questions that professionals suggested to ensure the methods of Suburban K-9 Milwaukee were appropriate for my small, out of control for me, dog. MJ’s answers were in line with what is “best practice” for dogs.

The two weeks went quickly and MJ kept me informed on my dog’s progress. My Maltese returned with a new lease on life. MJ made certain to show me the training tools and watched as I did it. MJ was available when my dog was testing me.

I did not want just ANY board and train and I told them that. Matt Covey’s reputation on Animal Channel as well as other endorsements are what made it important that my little Hogan go to Suburban K-9 Milwaukee.

In addition I have some physical limitations. MJ asked about these and made adjustments so that I could be consistent when Hogan returned to me.

Suburban K-9 Milwaukee was my last ditch attempt before euthanizing this dog. Three out of home trainers were helpful, and assured me that my pet was not genetically flawed. I wanted more help and I wanted what was best for this little creature that I chose to be the owner of. We are both doing well. Though I am not wealthy, Suburban K-9 Milwaukee was worth every dollar I paid. I am glad I took this step.

Update: This is a six month testimonial on my five pound Maltese. The true test came for me when a friend brought their dog into my home. Hoagie initially barked and attempted to get at the visiting dog. I put Hoagie on leash and did the training walk. He would settle, then I would bring him back to the dog. Hoagie did well. In short order, my friend, the dogs, and I were calmly in one room. The success of Boot Camp rests with the pet owner. MJ taught Hoagie a routine. MJ taught me that routine when Suburban K-9 returned my pet. Thank you!

Lori Sigl
My husband and I recently had Matt Wlos, from Suburban K-9, for an in-home training session for our 6 lb. Yorkshire Terrier, Sparky. Our dog was exhibiting very aggressive behavior, barking incessantly and we were worried about him being around small children. All of our techniques were failing, and we were so worried that Sparky’s behavior couldn’t be helped. Thankfully, we were referred to Matt at Suburban K-9 from great friends of ours. He was a miracle worker! He spent so much time helping us and listening to our concerns in regards to our dog, and he provided us with a great strategy. After using Matt’s techniques and strategies, Sparky was a completely different dog after just 4 days! We’ve been so happy with Suburban K-9, and Matt Wlos expertise is quite outstanding. Sparky is doing so much better, and we couldn’t be happier. Matt’s techniques have made my husband and I feel comfortable taking Sparky on walks again, having him be around kids, and we he no longer tries to attack people at our front door. Not only have you helped improve our dog’s quality of life, but ours, as well! Thanks again, Matt Wlos!
Brittany Landenberger
I got my little rescue on a whim one day, my husband less than thrilled about the trainwreck cutie that I had brought home. He was shaky and nervous but sat in my lap and looked in my eyes in a way that said, “Im yours.” Little did I know everything that came along with an eight-year old rescue. He was nuts, terrified of anyone but me. It took him weeks to get along with my husband, and much longer for my friends. Then I met Nelson. I had spoken with a few people for recomendations on trainers and he was the one I wanted to talk to. After getting snapped and growled at by my sweet dog, I begged him for help. He took Wrigley with him, with immense struggle from my pup, and began whatever it is that he does. When he came back with Wrigley, except for the look of his eyes I swore Nelson brought back a different dog. He gave me many directions on what to do with Wrigley, and I followed them to a T. It has been a long, difficult road in getting my old rescue socialized and happy, but it was more than worth it. Thank you Nelson. Thank you for helping me with Wrigley. Thank you for all the knowledge you gave me. Thank you.
Emilie & Prof Matt Jasske
When I adopted a 6-year-old dog, I thought I knew what I was getting into. He was, his foster mother told me, highly reactive and “needs a lot of training.” She wasn’t kidding.

By the 3 rd time I was yanked off my feet as he dove after something during our walks, I realized I needed help. As a senior with mild disability, I did not need broken bones or having bystanders pull me from a snowbank. That happened.

After a disappointing experience with a local trainer who came highly recommended, I found Suburban K9 online, and that led me to Matt Wlos. Matt adapted the training to MY physical needs, and that made all the difference. He and later, his team, showed me the why of dog behavior so that I now have enough understanding and solid coping skills to handle (and enjoy!) my headstrong dog.

These days I walk the dog without dread that he will lunge, trip or drag me, or go after a bicyclist, etc. Everyone I encountered via Suburban K9, from rapid phone response to trainers, was courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Suburban K9.

Like other testimonials on the Suburban K9 website, my wife and I adopted our dog “Weezie” from a rescue shelter. Within the first few days that we had Weezie we saw behaviors in her that were unacceptable. She would jump, bark, and not listen to us at all. As the days went on these bad behaviors and others only got worse to the point that we agreed we either had to get training for Weezie or return her to the shelter since at that point she was completely “out of control”.

We called Surburban K9 and had Marjorie assigned to “board and train” Weezie. When Weezie returned home she was a totally different dog. She learned how to walk with her leash, sit, stay, and her aggressive behavior had disappeared. Marjorie was terrific, she had listened carefully to all of our concerns with Weezie and took care of each concern. During our follow-up home visits with Marjorie, again she listened to us about how Weezie was doing at home and again she addressed all of our issues with her knowledge, training and most of all her sincere compassion for Weezie.

Weezie was not easy to train but Marjorie was dedicated to train Weezie for us and she did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Suburban K9 and Marjorie. Now we have a loving puppy who is cooperative and is well behaved thanks to Marjorie.

David Seigel