Our Dog Boot Camp, also known as the Board and Train program, is a unique program designed to put your pup on the fast track to better behavior and improved obedience. Dog Boot Camp involves daily training for your dog during the entire length of their stay and takes place in one of our highly-qualified trainers’ homes. Suburban K9 trainers are conveniently located to ensure a trainer will be close to you. If you like what you hear about the Board and Train, but would rather your dog stay in your home, you should check out our One Year Program of In-Home training. We also offer a combination of In-Home training and our Board and Train, known as our Board and Train Plus Package. The Board and Train Plus Package is meant to grow with your dog over an entire year. Dog owners around the country trust us to provide excellent training for everything from puppies just learning about the world to the toughest cases, such as dogs who have suffered abuse or trauma. In order to bring our services to as many customers as possible we even offer Financing for the Board and Train program.

five purebred big dog sitting in a day of spring

How dog Boot Camp works

Instead of one hour group classes that are often ineffective, our Dog Boot Camp is a customized program to correct behavioral issues over the long-term. Our experienced trainers help hundreds of dogs every year—each exhibiting different personalities and traits. Here’s how we go about tailoring our Dog Boot Camp program around your pup’s needs:

  • We pick up your dog at your home. This way, the trainer has the opportunity to see your dog in its home environment and discuss specific issues with you. The more the trainer knows about your dog, the better they’ll be able to help address any problems.
  • The trainer takes the dog to their home and works to reinforce new behaviors with your dog. This includes obeying commands, even during heavy distractions such as the doorbell ringing or being around other dogs. The length of stay depends on your dog’s needs.
  • You will get a 2 hour go home at your home at the end of the Boot Camp. The trainer will go over everything your dog has learned and how to maintain it! In the coming weeks you will receive two one and a half hour sessions in your home to ensure that you are left with lasting results. You can even call us lifelong if you have questions for no additional charge.

What is your dog taught?

Thanks to its extremely tailored approach to each dog, Boot Camp is effective at fast-tracking a number of positive changes in your dog’s behavior. Our rigorous system can help any dog. Some of the things that we can help address include:


  • Obeying commands such as come, sit, stay, down, and heel
  • Phobias
  • Running away
  • Puppy nipping
  • Leash manners
  • Off leash come

How Suburban K9 is different

Many dog training companies may claim they are the best. Suburban K9 backs that statement up by providing highly customizable and professional services—Dog Boot Camp is at the core of these services. We’re focused on offering individualized attention to every dog because each dog has its own personality traits and difficulties. Our goal is always to ensure that owners and their dogs can live happily together. Our expert staff is trusted to work with rescue agencies from around the country, to train and rehabilitate dogs.

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