Abbie Trains a Wirehaired Griffon


Cooper came to us with some selective listening and excitement issues his owners were looking to eradicate. Here is our Milwaukee Trainer, Abbie, working him through his obedience routine in beautiful Lake Geneva!

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German Shepherd Coming Past Steak


Koda the German Shepherd is staying with Suburban K9 for our doggie bootcamp. Koda is about six months old and is doing very well. He has been with us for roughly one week and listens around almost every distraction already!

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Kiwi the Goldendoodle


Kiwi is a young Goldendoodle staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. He is a ton of fun and his trainer Nelson loves working with him. It is a hot day so we are training early before it gets too hot!

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Chili the Vizsla


Chili is a young Vizsla staying with Suburban K9 for our Dog Bootcamp. He is a great dog and loves to train with his trainer Eric. His favorite command is come. Sometimes he has trouble waiting and runs to Eric the second he gets the chance!

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Charlie Training Off Leash


Charlie is a young Australian Labradoodle that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp program. In this video he is practicing his obedience skills while off leash. Charlie has been in training for one week and has another week left to hone his skills even further. Great work Charlie!

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Walter the Labradoodle Training Off Leash


Walter is a young Labradoodle staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. Here he is after a week and a half of training. In this video the trainer is working on off leash heel and then calls Walter from across the field. Notice how happy Walter is when running to his trainer. Our biggest challenge right now is making sure he stops when he gets there!

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How a dog should behave around food

How a dog should behave around food.  Suburban K9 Dog Training

A well trained dog should not only listen to commands, but should be well behaved even if a command has not been issued. In this video, we show how a dog should act while an owner is cooking dinner. You can see the dog is able to leave the meat alone even when the trainer drops it on the floor and leaves the room. Notice that the trainer never tells the dog to sit or stay. He simply expects him …
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Advancing Your Obedience

Advancing Your Obedience.  Suburban K9 Dog Training.

  In this video we discuss simple ways to advance your dog’s obedience commands. Once you have taught your dog the basic commands it is important to continue and challenge your dog’s mind. This will help ensure that your dog is well behaved in a vast array of situations. The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours and hours trying to think of situations to setup. You can simply train as you are performing tasks in your …
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