Puppy Rescued From Being Slaughtered For Food Is Now Training With Suburban K9

Kim was rescued from a South Korean dog meat factory farm at the age of 3 months. If she had not been rescued, she would either still be living in squalor or would have been eaten already. It is estimated that over 2 million dogs are eaten in South Korea each year. The farm was shut down by animal investigators due to the deplorable conditions. Many dogs are thrown into pots of boiling water while still alive in order to make their flesh more tender. Luckily for Kim, Humane Society International rescued her and sent her to the United States. Some of our clients who happen to possess very big hearts rescued her and sent her to Suburban K9 for training. Kim is now on her way to a better life! She is doing excellent with her training, which is a testament to the incredible resiliency of this species.