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Suburban K9 is a dog training company that offers the following services; basic and advanced obedience classes, house calls, as well as boarding and training(Doggie Boot Camp) programs. Our most popular and comprehensive training is the Board and Train or Dog Boot Camp. Boot Camps are tailored to the specific needs of your pet and can address any behavioral issues you are experiencing while also teaching obedience in a vast array of situations. Our puppy/basic and advanced classes which teach you how to train your dog in a enjoyable group setting. All obedience training classes are kept small with a 4:1 student to trainer ratio. A popular option for individuals with specific issues are our private lessons. An experienced trainer will help ensure that the proper training program for both you and your pet is chosen and utilized.

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Inverness Training House Calls

Inverness is a village located in Cook County. The town has an estimated population of nearly 6,749 residents. Many Inverness residents have been choosing our House Call Training option. A house call works great when issues are occurring that would be difficult to setup outside of the home or the specific area where the issue is occurring. House calls are tailored to the specific needs of your pet and distractions such as dogs or other people can be provided for the training. We provide an easy to follow training plan with plenty detailed instruction.

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About Us

Inverness dog-owners have been choosing Suburban K-9 for a number of reasons, including our professionalism and dedication to our clients. Matt Covey is the head trainer at Suburban K-9 and was voted one of the top trainers in the Chicago-land area. Matt works with various animal rescue groups by training both their dogs and their staff. He has written behavioral articles for multiple publications and websites. Matt has been fortunate in recent years and has made various demonstrations and television appearances with dogs that he has trained.

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