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Estate Dog Training

Estate Dog Training Services

Suburban K9 is a leader in Dog Training Services across the nation. We have a very unique approach to training dogs that will be living on large estates.  Advances in technology related to home security coupled with the risks associated with protection dogs has lead to a decline in the need for canine protection services.  Trends from our clients have shown that in lieu of protection services many estate owners are simply looking for dogs that can provide companionship while behaving properly in a very busy environment.

At Suburban K9 we understand the unique challenges that arise while having canines coexist with the day to day life on a large estate. In this type of setting it is not always practical to expect the owner to be around and issue commands to the dog, while the dog comes into contact with a large number of individuals and unique situations. Because of this, we focus on socializing the dog with staff, guests, and other animals on the property.  The goal of our training is to ensure that the dog acts properly on the grounds of the estate, even in the absence of the owner or handler. Suburban K9 will help ensure that the dog, owner and staff can enjoy their interactions together.

We have successfully helped train Estate Dogs to interact with staff while they carry out their daily tasks that keep the estate running; from lawn care to cooking and cleaning there isn’t a situation we cannot handle.  In addition, we are willing to work with you to ensure that your pets are capable of socializing at large gatherings without jumping on guests, stealing food or causing unwanted distractions.

Suburban K9 holds the privacy of our clients at the highest regard.  Our trainers are accustomed to signing a confidentiality agreement prior to training.

About Us

Estate owners chose Suburban K9 due to our professionalism and dedication to our clients. We have been voted one of the top training companies and we have worked with various high profile clients, including local NFL, NBA, and NHL stars. In addition we have written behavioral articles for multiple publications and websites. Dogs we have trained with have been featured in television appearances including Animal Planet!