Which training route is right for your dog?

Picking a training route for your dog should be based on three variables; Your budget, your goals and your schedule. There are many different training options available with Suburban K9, but most of our clients are best served by either classes, in home training, or doggie boot camp.

Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are generally the least expensive dog training option. The cost of the trainer’s time is spread out over multiple clients. This allows each client very little one on one time with the trainer. Classes are a great way to either fully train your dog or advance some obedience skills that your dog already has.

For many dog owners, class is a great choice for socialization and to learn some obedience. For many other owners it is not the right choice. If the owner does not have the time to work with the dog then a dog boot camp makes more sense. If the owner has the time to train the dog, but has an irregular schedule In-Home lessons can be tailored to match your schedule.

Doggie Boot Camp

Dog boot camp is generally the most expensive dog training option, but it is certainly worth it. If you have a dog with severe issues or if you simply don’t have the time to train your dog, then doggie boot camp may be the only option that makes sense for you.

Suburban K9 offers two dog bootcamp options. Your dog can stay in one of our trainer’s homes or your dog can stay at a boarding facility. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and each option is geared towards dogs with different issues. Generally speaking, dog on dog aggression is best addressed at a kennel, while issues that arise in and around the home are best addressed in a trainer’s house. For more info please click the following link or give us a call anytime. Doggie Boot Camp

In home dog training

In home dog training is a great training route that costs more than classes, but significantly less than a dog boot camp program. Suburban K9 does not require clients to buy a package of lessons, which allows dog owners to do just one lesson if needed. One lesson costs less than a six week obedience class. This allows some dog owners to solve their in home issues (such as jumping) for less than the price of a group class!

In home training is a great way to address improper guarding behaviors, leash aggression, leash pulling, jumping, barking, stealing food, and many other undesirable behaviors. Many clients do not care how well their dog can stay, they just want their dog to stop acting up. That being said, many clients use in home training as a route to fully train their own dog while staying in the comfort of their own home. For more info, please click the following link. In Home Dog Training