Our One Year Program is extremely popular and is the top recommendation from our trainers for anyone who wants their dog to be the best they can be. The program delivers proven results by utilizing our internal series of checklists and schedules. We have been tweaking the program for years and are incredibly proud of it!

One of our clients favorite parts of the program is that they don’t even need to be home! The trainer can train your dog while you are at work or out running errands.

The One Year Program consists of 30 sessions that take place in your home over the course of roughly one year. In the first three weeks the trainer will complete ten sessions in order to get your dog off to a great start! After your dog has made a ton of progress in the first three weeks we will slowly move your dog to a more spaced out training schedule. This allows us to make progress quickly and then maintain the training for a full year. If you like what you have heard about the One Year Package but would prefer services that include boarding, we offer the Board and Train Plus Package. In order to bring our services to as many customers as possible we even offer Financing on all of our house call packages

golden retriever dog running



Our One Year Program works well with any age of dog, but it was especially created for puppies. Puppies change as they grow older and we love to help clients guide their dog through puppy-hood and adolescence. Although your little puppy may be a bundle of joy right now, we want to make sure he doesn’t turn into an adult dog with bad manners, fear, anxiety or aggression. Our internal checklist covers everything from obedience commands to general life skills. Some of the things we cover include: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Nail Trimming, Socialization with Humans and Dogs, Bite Inhibition, Mock Vet Exams, Resource Guarding Prevention and Item Discernment. Puppies come to us as wonderful little creatures that are ready to learn about the world. Our goal is to help them live up to their potential as happy well balanced companions that can go anywhere with their owners!

Adult Dogs:

When adult dogs are enrolled in our One Year Program we use a modified training program depending on their current issues. We are able to modify our program for any training issue from obedience issues to more severe problems such as fear, anxiety or aggression. We still follow everything included on our puppy checklist and modify based on your particular dog.


There’s no better convenience than in-home training, tailored specifically for your dog. The One Year Program includes the following:

  • 30 in home training sessions
  • A premium leather leash that is proudly made in the USA
  • A free CGC evaluation upon request
  • The company founder will review your dog’s progress twice with your trainer during the program
  • Use of our proprietary internal checklist and schedule

Our main goal is to help dogs and their owners live happily together.