German Shepherd Beginning Nose Work – Suburban K9 Dog Training – Madison

Clients often ask for our assistance in teaching their dogs various games in order to provide mental stimulation. This is especially needed in the cold Midwest winters! Many dogs need an outlet above and beyond play time or train time, and nose work is a great option. After a long session using their nose, your dog will be much more tired than after walking or practicing their obedience for a similar amount of time.

Another benefit of nose work is that it teaches a dog to use their nose rather than just their eyes. Many dogs (especially German Shepherds) get themselves into trouble by using their eyes more than their nose. This can lead to leash aggression, fixation on small animals, and the desire to chase fast moving objects.

Lucy had been in training for roughly one week when this video was shot. We are teaching her all of her obedience commands as well as some beginning nose work.