Dog Lifestyle Consulting and Puppy Proofing

Dog Lifestyle Consulting and Puppy Proofing

Choosing the Right Breed

Suburban K9 will help you to determine the right dog for your family.  The service includes a detailed interview session where the trainer will assess your family and your specific wants from a dog.  From that interview the trainer will make recommendations for dog breeds that best fit the families wants and lifestyles. Recommendations will not be limited to dog breed, but will also include; age, gender and temperament.   Once the family finds a dog of interest, Suburban K9 will go with the family to the breeder or rescue group to help ensure the dog they are choosing is a good fit for the situation.  This includes checking the dogs over all temperament and introducing the dog to family members or other family pets. Picking the right dog is the first step in ensuring a long a happy life together and Suburban K9 is here to help.

Building a Dog Friendly Home

The majority of dog’s spend 99% of their lives inside their owners homes. We are strong believers that to make a dog happy it is important to setup your home in a way that will best benefit both your dog and your family’s lifestyle. For this reason we offer dog lifestyle consulting services and in home puppy proofing.

Suburban K9 will come to your home and review the entire property including the interior of your home. Each dog, home and family lifestyle is unique, because of this we will ask you detailed questions to learn as much about your needs as we can. We We will then make recommendations based on your dog or the dog breed that you are interested in purchasing.

This service includes:

  • Detailing locations, sizes and construction of crates or dog runs,
  • Tailoring plant life and landscaping,
  • Proper fence selection, ranging from invisible fences to fixed structure fencing,
  • puppy proofing interior rooms of your home to ensure the dog’s safety.

Our trainers have years of experience dealing with dogs and creating environments that can help them thrive. Let us help you and your family achieve the greatest level of happiness with your pet.