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Katelyn and Mario the German Shepherd in Phoenix

Mario is an awesome German Shepherd that is doing a training package with Suburban K9. He is fully off leash trained and is a great dog! In this video he is enjoying a beautiful day in Scottsdale Arizona with his trainer Katelyn. Whether you choose from our Dog boot camp, or one of our in home training packages, we have will have a customized action plan designed to give you the perfect in home pet!

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Katelyn Training Finn

Katelyn is working with Finn during his board and train with Suburban K9. This 7.5 month old chocolate lab didn’t know stay or come at all before Katelyn started working with him. He seems pretty excited to come now!

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Katelyn Training with Ernie

Ernie is a lovable Goldendoodle that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. He is a great pup and loves pretty much everything. He loves to play, to train, to meet new people and pretty much everything else! In this video he is practicing his leash training on a beautiful summer day.

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