Advanced Scent Work with Molly the Labradoodle


Here is a video of our trainer MJ working with Molly the Labradoodle on advanced, recreational scent work. Shortly into Molly’s 2 week Board and Train, MJ discovered Molly had an insatiable amount of drive and that her basic obedience was learned very quickly.

As the video shows, MJ hides a lavender scented tennis ball under one of three cones. From the Down – Stay command, MJ releases Molly to find the ball. Molly is not allowed to manipulate the cones, instead, she signals to MJ when she has found it by sitting. On the second and third trial, MJ interrupts Molly’s intense mind-set with finding the scent, onto basic obedience. This shows an incredible amount of control and obedience!

Molly has been trained to find the scent as a recreational activity to enjoy with her family. This is not training for police or search and rescue work.