Monthly Archives: July 2015

Chief the Doberman in Training

  Chief is a young Doberman that has been in training with Suburban K9 for about a week at the time of this video. He is staying with us for our “dog bootcamp” program. He lives in the home of one of our trainers and is learning to listen both inside and outside.

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Kona and Hilo the Labradors Off Leash Training

A fully trained dog should listen both on and off leash. A dog with excellent training should listen even without their collar on. At Suburban K9, we believe in training for the real world. This means that we are always training around distractions. In this video, Kona and Hilo the labs are practicing their obedience around one of their favorite toys. You can see that they are not wearing their collars or leashes during this exercise. Some people may think …
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Calling a German Shepherd past a Labrador

  This video shows a German Shepherd and a Chocolate Lab that are both staying with Suburban K9 for our “doggie bootcamp.” The German Shepherd is learning how to be more social with dogs and people. He has been staying with us for a week and is now able to play with dogs and meet new people. In this video the trainers are working on both dogs’ ability to behave when they see a new dog in public.

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