Monthly Archives: June 2014

Layla the Victorian Bulldog Playing Dead

Layla is “playing dead” in this video. We trained her to wave her paw and then fall over when she hears the word “bang”. Since she is a Victorian Bulldog she doesn’t exactly do the command quickly. We call it, moving at the speed of bulldog!

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Scarlett the German Shepherd Practicing Her Obedience

Scarlett is a four month old German Shepherd that is beginning her off leash training. We do a lot of work in the first week of training with the dog dragging a leash and move to true off leash obedience soon after.

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Blaze the German Shepherd Off Leash Obedience

This video shows a German Shepherd practicing off leash obedience in one of our fields.  He has progressed past the point of wearing a long line or leash.  Once a dog reacts perfectly on a long line, we then train exclusively off leash to ensure that the dog will listen to his owner no matter what.

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