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Training a Dog to Stay in its Owners Vicinity Chicago Dog Training

Training a Dog to Stay in its Owners Vicinity Suburban K9 Dog Training (Chicago)

These two labs were sent all the way from Texas for our doggie bootcamp. Their owner spends a lot of time in the desert and needs his dogs to stay close. In the video, you can see how the dogs are conditioned to stay within a reasonable distance of the trainer. Not only do they come when called, but they have been taught not to wander too far.

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Teaching a Dog to Come Chicago Dog Training

Teaching a Dog to Come     Chicago Dog Training

This video discusses teaching your dog the come command.

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German Shepherd Training Around Distractions Chicago Dog Training

German Shepherd Training Around Distractions.  Suburban K9 (Madison)

Bolt the German Shepherd is training off leash around two big distractions. Fresh bacon and his favorite ball! See why the Suburban K9 trainers are called on by clients around the country.

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Obedience – It’s a Job


A common theme that you will hear in the world of dog training is that dogs need a job. Dogs are intelligent creatures and just like humans, they require purpose and direction in their life to feel truly fulfilled. Almost all of a dog’s bad behaviors stem from boredom and not having enough mental stimulation. If you were stuck in the house all day without anything to do, you would certainly pick up some bad habits along the way – …
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Pomeranian practicing off leash come

Pomeranian practicing off leash come Chicago Dog Training

Nala is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp. Here she is practicing a long distance down stay along with a long distance come. She is about 75 yards from the trainer at the start of the video.

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Training a Labradoodle Off Leash


  In this video Nelson is training Barron the Labradoodle. They are enjoying a beautiful day and practicing some off leash obedience. The better a dog listens while off leash the more freedom they can have! Barron is a well trained dog and is able to spend a lot of time off leash in public enjoying the world.

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