Teach a Dog to Heel

To teach a dog to heel you first must know exactly what you want the dog to do. When heeling the dog should be even with your heel and focused mainly on you or the road [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Dominance

I have posted this in order to answer some common concerns I hear from dog owners, this is by no means a complete list of how to live with your dog. Every piece of advice that [...]

House Breaking and Nipping

As the proud owner of a new puppy you are probably dealing with two very common “issues” that are typical of young dogs. The first issue that I hear questions on the most would be potty [...]

How to Socialize Your Dog

Socializing a dog should be a fun and positive experience for both of you.  Although the term gets used frequently, many people don’t fully understand what it means.  Socializing a dog is just teaching them what [...]

The Advantages of In Home Dog Training

In home dog training provides both owner and dog with many benefits that are commonly overlooked. At first blush the prospect of having a dog trainer come to your home for a personalized training session may seem [...]

All About Dog Toys

Household dogs are frequently bored in their daily life and a large selection of toys and bones can certainly help. The more things your dog has to play with the less of your things he [...]

Treat Training A Dog

Training dogs with treats is a polarizing topic in the dog training world. Some trainers say that it is awful and others will tell you that if you don’t train with treats then you must be [...]

Jumping the Fence

If your dog climbs or jumps fences you know how frustrating and scary this can be. A fence is there to contain a dog and now he is loose on the other side. This is an [...]

Guarding the House

Many people get dogs both for the love that they give us and because they are such natural guardians of their home and family. I love all dogs, but I tend to gravitate towards the guarding [...]

Leash Aggression

Leash aggression is very prevalent in dogs today, and is one reason that many owners are afraid to socialize their dogs. It is however quite common to have a leash aggressive dog that is very friendly [...]

Boredom and Anxiety

I frequently receive calls about all types of issues that people are having with their dogs, and I have to make sure that I take each call with an open mind. Many times people will tell [...]

Food Aggression

Food aggression is a common issue in dogs for two main reasons. The first is that canines naturally guard their food in the wild, and the second is that a significant number of dogs see themselves [...]

Do Dogs Understand When You Point

Do you know the only two creatures on the entire planet that have been proven to understand the gesture of pointing? The answer is humans and dogs. Growing up around dogs and working as a professional [...]

Command Reminder Sheet

Heel is the dogs command for walk at your heel side, which is on your left. The dog should be at your heel or even a little behind you as you walk to reinforce that [...]

Dog Body Language

When reading this article please understand that it is not meant to replace professional advice when it comes to aggression, and it is by no means a complete write up on canine body language. This article [...]

Small Dog Syndrome

The infamous “Small Dog Syndrome” comes up often in my line of work. I hear it from veterinarians, rescue groups, and countless clients. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that small dogs have a “Napoleon” complex. [...]

Coprophagia (Poop Eating)

Does your dog have the disgusting habit of eating either their own or another dogs feces? This issue is surprisingly common in dogs and can be very tough to overcome. Many people will give you well [...]


Digging is a natural thing for dogs to do and isn’t always bad behavior. If you live in the country and your dog occasionally digs for grubs or to look for a mole then it probably [...]

Introducing your dog to your new baby

Bringing home a new baby can be a very stressful experience and the last thing that you need is to have to worry about how to introduce your dog to your new baby. Introducing dogs and [...]

What Causes Dogs to be Fearful?

Fear is unfortunately all too common in dogs and can be traced back to one of two causes. The causes are either a genetic predisposition to fear or fear they have learned in their lives. Fear [...]