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    For any true dog lover, spending a day surrounded by dogs can leave them with a feeling of immense fulfillment.  As a company, Suburban K9 has dedicated a large amount of time to working with dogs [...]

    Beyond the Food Bowl

    On a scale of 1-10, how excited does your dog get when it comes to feeding time? 11? That sounds about right. You pull the lid off of the food container to the wafting smell of [...]

    Using Nosework to Help Solve Behavioral Issues in Dogs

    Lets face it, most people have busy, hectic lives filled with work, cooking, cleaning and a thousand other tasks. The average dog on the other hand does not have a “job” to keep them busy and [...]

    Training a Deaf Dog

    You’ve just gotten your new puppy and you notice that he isn’t responding to his name. You started off joking that your dog can’t hear and that’s why he isn’t listening. As time moves on you begin [...]

    I just got a puppy! Now What?

    Getting a new puppy is always an exciting moment for a family. Once you get the new bundle of joy home, you might be wondering, “What did I just get myself into?” Don’t worry, this is [...]

    Which training route is right for your dog?

    Picking a training route for your dog should be based on three variables; Your budget, your goals and your schedule. There are many different training options available with Suburban K9, but most of our clients are best served [...]

    Teach a Dog to Heel

    To teach a dog to heel you first must know exactly what you want the dog to do. When heeling the dog should be even with your heel and focused mainly on you or the road [...]

    Do’s and Dont’s of Dominance

    I have posted this in order to answer some common concerns I hear from dog owners, this is by no means a complete list of how to live with your dog. Every piece of advice that [...]