Command Reminder Sheet


Heel is the dogs command for walk at your heel side, which is on your left. The dog should be at your heel or even a little behind you as you walk to reinforce that YOU are the leader. We strive to keep the dogs attention on us or the road ahead. As you walk focus on keeping a loose leash and correcting the dog whichever way you need to. If he pulls ahead snap back on the leash and say heel. If he goes to the left snap the leash to the right. Remember that consistency is important. You cannot let him pull you to say hi to a dog one day and then correct him for it the next day. When you are walking the dog he should not be pulling anywhere and any greetings to dogs or people should be initiated by you. Whenever a dog is walking, an appropriate training collar should be used until the dog responds just as well without it.


Your dog has been taught to sit in the heel position at your side. He should be looking forward or at you and not angled in order to see something else. When you are coming to a stop tell your dog to sit. If he sits give some calm praise. If he doesn’t sit, snap straight up on the leash as you tell him to sit. The thought with every obedience command is that a dog is only told once without a correction. If the dog sits but is ahead of you or angled a different direction the goal is to have him move to your side, not vice versa. Guide the dog with the leash to the appropriate position.

Sit Stay

When the dog is in the sit position, tell him to stay. Only say the command once, and expect him to listen. If the dog gets up, tell him “no”, take him back to where he was, and give two leash corrections. The first correction is straight up as you say “sit” and the second is to the side as you say “stay”.


With the dog in a sit position tell him to down, if he listens give some calm praise. If he doesn’t, give a tug straight down as you repeat the command. If more than one correction is needed, repeat as necessary. The dog should lay straight at your side, if he doesn’t the correction is the same as when he doesn’t sit at your side.

Down Stay

The correction for a down stay is the same as for a sit stay with one extra command. You will give three snaps of the leash. Up as you say “sit”, down as you say “down”, and to the side as you say “stay”.

With all the commands remember that you snap on the leash, never pull. A quick correction gets the point across, a pull invites more resistance. Also keep in mind that these corrections are for a trained dog, this is not how we teach; it is how we reinforce.
Matt Covey
Suburban K-9
Elgin, Il