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Eric Training with Bogey


Bogey is a young Golden Retriever staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. In this video he is learning to follow his trainer while off leash. We have roughly 10 acres of property that we use to train dogs to listen in a variety of situations. Great job Bogey!

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Chili the Vizsla


Chili is a young Vizsla staying with Suburban K9 for our Dog Bootcamp. He is a great dog and loves to train with his trainer Eric. His favorite command is come. Sometimes he has trouble waiting and runs to Eric the second he gets the chance!

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Walter the Labradoodle Training Off Leash


Walter is a young Labradoodle staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. Here he is after a week and a half of training. In this video the trainer is working on off leash heel and then calls Walter from across the field. Notice how happy Walter is when running to his trainer. Our biggest challenge right now is making sure he stops when he gets there!

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Training Off Leash with Small Dogs on Trail


The Suburban K9 trainers train dogs in many different situations and with many different goals. In the start of this video you can see the two cute little dogs being called to come to the trainer while they are laying down in a field. After they come to the trainer, he takes a long walk off leash on some of our trails. The dogs are not asked to heel or to do anything specific. They are practicing following their handler …
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Eric Training Hazel the Golden Retriever


Hazel is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. She is an awesome dog and Eric is having a blast training her. In this video she is practicing the come command while off leash in one of our fields. Great job Hazel!

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