Monthly Archives: August 2019

Meet Holly


This video shows Holly, a Suburban K9 trainer. At the start of the video she spends some time explaining who she is and a little bit of her background. Towards the end of the video you can see her fun personality in action with some of her clients.

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Meet Sabrina


Meet Sabrina! She is a dog trainer with Suburban K9. She loves her job and has tons of fun with her furry clients.

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Training Day in Yorkville


This video shows some Suburban K9 Dog Trainers working with their pups on a beautiful day in Yorkville, Illinois. They are working on both on leash commands and off leash manners. Thanks for watching!

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Suburban K9: Rose Pierce

Rose Pierce is a dog trainer with Suburban K9 Houston and is an awesome part of the team! In this video she explains a little about herself and shows some of her training.

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