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Suburban K9 Brooke N with Lucy & Louie


Brooke is training Lucy and Louie in our Board and Train program.

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Suburban K9 Dog Training with Moose and Spartacus


Suburan K9 dog trainers’ Julia and Sabrina work with Moose and Spartacus on obedience in a fenced in yard. Both dogs are staying with us for our Board and Train Program and are doing great with their obedience commands and socialization.

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Kenneling/Crating a Young Puppy

Morning walk with dog (black labrador retriever). Young man is training his puppy walking on the leash.

I will save you the suspense. We are 100% in favor of kenneling all puppies when they are unattended. A puppy generally does not have enough impulse control to resist chewing things they shouldn’t and this can lead to big trouble! Many puppies consume things such as medicine, carpet and clothing when they are left unattended and this leads to a lot of unnecessary surgeries and even deaths. When someone tells me that they won’t cage a puppy because they …
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