Suburban K9 Electronic Fence

Are you unable to have a wood or metal fence, but still want to contain your dog and keep them safe? A Suburban K9 Electronic Fence may be just what you are looking for! Our professionally installed systems can help keep your dog safe and allow them to enjoy more of their yard!

Although we started as a dog training company, we also install high end electronic dog fences. Over the years we have found that many customers who purchased fences from other companies had issues with the fencing products, the quality of the install, and the training. It was a natural progression for us to start installing electronic fences ourselves and sending our expert trainers to teach the dogs to enjoy their “new” yard.

Our electronic dog fences feature the highest quality products on the market. Fencing technology has changed drastically over the years and we offer the absolute best system there is. Our electronic fencing systems have a vast array of technological advantages that older systems do not offer. As technology changes we will continue to test and offer the best products for you and your dog.

At Suburban K9 we want things to be convenient for you and stress free for your dog. No more wondering or self reminders to check everything each day. Our system is designed to notify YOU when something needs your attention. Not only does the system notify you of issues, our collars have an internal diagnostic system which notifies you that the collar is functioning and fitted properly.

Dog Fence

The best quality products... the easiest to maintain!

Most other companies will sell you electronic collars with disposable batteries and require you to buy expensive replacement batteries from them! This can get very costly and is an inconvenience. At Suburban K9 we offer the best quality products that are the easiest to maintain. We understand people are busy and who has time to go out and buy batteries all the time? Our collars come with a rapid charge feature that will charge the lithium ion batteries in the collar in just 2 HOURS and will last up to 3 MONTHS! No need to mark the calendar, the collar will let you know when it needs to be charged. The collars are completely waterproof and can be fully submerged in water. Not only does your dogs electronic collar come with a warranty but the cloth collar it is mounted on has a LIFETIME warranty..even if it is chewed or in pieces, we will send you a brand new one for FREE.

When installing your system we use specially designed professional grade 14 gauge wire that is that is extremely durable and will outlast the products installed by our competitors. It is great for the extreme freezing and thawing weather conditions of the Midwest. We also customize the installation to your property and your desire. Do you have a garden or maybe a play area that you would like to keep your dog out of? Look no further, Suburban K9 can design almost any layout you can imagine! We will make sure the installation meets your high standards.

As professional dog trainers we know that dogs are individuals and we customize our electronic dog fencing system to your dog. In addition our dog fence training package ensures that your dog learns and adapts to his new found freedom with our unique stress free training style. We have developed a concept that will allow your dog to learn his boundaries and also enjoy the training process. Your dogs best interest is what comes first and we always train with that in mind.

We offer a containment guarantee and all of our fencing system is guaranteed for the life of your dog! Contact us for details and a consultation 1-866-GOSUBK9.

Electronic Dog Fence