Training Vedder the Vizsla


Vedder is a 13 week old Vizsla that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp program. He is an absolute delight! In this video he is practicing his obedience outside in a fenced in yard. Great work Vedder!

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Suburban K9 Non-Competition Agility


  Suburban K9’s Non-Competition Agility Class Preview – We focus on getting the dogs having fun and getting exercise. Video shot at West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove.

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A Lab Playing a Silly Game of Fetch


Charlie is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp program. She is very smart and very drivey which means she needs a job to focus on! In this video Alexis is putting Charlie through her paces and working on fetch with an added twist.

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Jazzy Training in Highland Park

Jazzy Training in Highland Park- Suburban K9 Dog Training

Jazzy has just started training with Suburban K9 but has already made a lot of progress. In this video Nelson is training her on a sidewalk in Highland Park. She is listening well and understands all of her commands. She has a long way to go before her training is complete, but she makes a ton of progress each day. In another week she will have mastered all of her commands both on and off leash.

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Off Leash Training with Suburban K9 Dog Training


  Both of these dogs stayed with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp program. The lab is practicing his off leash obedience while the black dog is chasing him around and providing a distraction. b3gMK1WzGac

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Stella the German Shepherd Training with Maggie


With 9 acres of property, Stella’s owners want to make sure to have a good recall of their dog. Our Trainer Maggie is currently using a GPS Collar that beeps when Stella is called. She’s doing great and we’re sure her owners will be very happy!

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Portuguese Water Dog Training Off Leash


Nelson is a Suburban K9 trainer who excels at training dogs to listen off leash. He not only trains dogs to come when called, but also teaches dogs to heel without a leash. There is nothing more fun than taking your dog to the park and being able to trust them off leash. Dogs love to run and play and a well trained dog can have much more freedom. Notice that Nelson makes sure to keep the dog guessing. Sometimes …
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Chief the Doberman in Training


  Chief is a young Doberman that has been in training with Suburban K9 for about a week at the time of this video. He is staying with us for our “dog bootcamp” program. He lives in the home of one of our trainers and is learning to listen both inside and outside.

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