Choosing the Proper Collar for your Dog


Professional dog trainer Matt Covey discusses how different collars can be used for different dogs. Watch this video if you would like to learn what type of collar you should use with your particular dog.

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Dog Fetching Quarter


This video shows a dog practicing retrieving. She has been trained how to pick up many objects without chewing or breaking them. This command can be useful (ask any pregnant women who just dropped her car keys) and it is also good for the dog to have a job.

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Off-Leash Training a Puppy


This video shows an eight month old puppy that is working on his off-leash training. The long line is on the dog for safety since he has only been training for about two weeks. Notice the calm demeanor of the trainer, Suburban K-9 trains household dogs without using excitement or lures except when appropriate. When training the average young dog, the goal is to teach him to listen even when the trainer is not the most exciting thing around. Trainers …
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Treadmill Trained Rottweiler


For many people the idea of treadmill training a dog conjures up images of dog fighting. Although some people use this tool for the wrong reason, it is being used here to help a dog lose weight in a safe manner. This particular dog lost a total of 15 pounds!

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Smallest Agility Dog


At Suburban K-9 our biggest focus is helping dogs and their owners overcome behavioral issues. We work with anxiety, fear, aggression, poor manners, phobias, resource guarding, and other problems people may be experiencing with their dogs. We also offer non competition agility classes so that the dogs and have some fun and burn off some steam. This video always makes me laugh, so I figured I would post it.

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