General Obedience Training Videos

Holly training Chance


Holly is working on obedience with her board and train Chance. They also found some time to have fun and play!

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Danny and Rosie the Mastiff Practicing Obedience


Rosie is a sweet young Mastiff that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp program. We love Rosie and really enjoy having her around! In this video she is practicing her off leash obedience on a cool summer day. That is a good thing because Rosie gets hot and tired after about 2 minutes on a warm day!

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Nelson Training with Cooper the Goldendoodle


In this video Nelson is training with Cooper the Goldendoodle. Cooper is a great dog and is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. Nelson is training Cooper how to listen in all environments from the city to the country. Great job Cooper!

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Katelyn Training Finn


Katelyn is working with Finn during his board and train with Suburban K9. This 7.5 month old chocolate lab didn’t know stay or come at all before Katelyn started working with him. He seems pretty excited to come now!

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Danny Training with Opie the Boxer


Opie is a Boxer that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp program. At the time of this video he has been in training for about 6 days. Opie is a great dog and is learning quick!

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Katelyn Training with Ernie


Ernie is a lovable Goldendoodle that is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog bootcamp. He is a great pup and loves pretty much everything. He loves to play, to train, to meet new people and pretty much everything else! In this video he is practicing his leash training on a beautiful summer day.

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Briggs Trains at Art Hill


Jack trains Biggs, the Australian Labradoodle, at the famous Art Hill in Forest Park located in St. Louis, MO. Here Briggs demonstrates his obedience and focus in a public place with lots of distractions!

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Abbie Trains with Cali the American Bulldog Mix


Abbie shows off Cali, the American Bulldog mix’s strong sense for general obedience in Waukesha, WI. Bulldog’s can be incredibly powerful animals but are extremely intelligent and loyal!

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