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  • How a dog should behave around food


    A well trained dog should not only listen to commands, but should be well behaved even if a command has not been issued. In this video, we show how a dog should act while an owner [...]

    Advancing Your Obedience


    In this video we discuss simple ways to advance your dog’s obedience commands.

    Once you have taught your dog the basic commands it is important to continue and challenge your dog’s mind. This will help ensure that [...]

    Kona and Hilo the Labradors Off Leash Training

    A fully trained dog should listen both on and off leash. A dog with excellent training should listen even without their collar on. At Suburban K9, we believe in training for the real world. This means [...]

    Calling a German Shepherd past a Labrador


    This video shows a German Shepherd and a Chocolate Lab that are both staying with Suburban K9 for our “doggie bootcamp.” The German Shepherd is learning how to be more social with dogs and people. He [...]

    Harley Off Leash Training – Chicago Dog Training


    Harley is a young puppy that is staying with Suburban K9 for our doggie bootcamp. In this video, she is practicing off leash come. We train dogs to listen around every conceivable distraction, and teaching them [...]

    Puppy Practicing the Stay Command


    Max is a typical 8 month old puppy. He loves to run, jump, and act wild. Chasing kids is pretty high on his priority list! In this video, a Suburban K9 trainer is working on Max’s [...]

    American Bulldog Training Around a Stroller


    Frankie the American Bulldog heard some special news, his family was expecting a new baby! Unfortunately for Frankie, he was not comfortable around strollers. Frankie stayed with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp program and [...]

    Frankie the American Bulldog Training in Daycare


    Frankie is an American Bulldog that stayed with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp program. We have two options for our boot camp. A clients dog can stay in one of our trainers homes or [...]