Charlie the Bichon Frise Puppy in Training Video 2

This is Charlie the 16 week old Bichon Frise puppy. He is staying with Suburban K9 for our doggie bootcamp program. He loves training and has fun everywhere he goes.

Charlie the Bichon Frise Puppy During Training

Charlie is a 16 week old Bichon Frise that is staying with Suburban K9 for our doggie bootcamp. He is working on housebreaking as well as general obedience commands. In this video he is [...]

Training a Dog to Follow his Owner

This video shows an American Eskimo dog that was very scared of new people. This video video was taken after the first week of our doggie bootcamp. He is warming up to his trainer [...]

Dogs Practicing Their Obedience Training in Parking Lot

Two Suburban K9 trainers are working with their training dogs on their obedience commands. We believe in helping dogs through calm training based on respect. This allows our client’s dogs to live a full life since [...]

Layla the Victorian Bulldog Playing Dead

Layla is “playing dead” in this video. We trained her to wave her paw and then fall over when she hears the word “bang”. Since she is a Victorian Bulldog she doesn’t exactly do [...]

Scarlett the German Shepherd Practicing Her Obedience

Scarlett is a four month old German Shepherd that is beginning her off leash training. We do a lot of work in the first week of training with the dog dragging a leash and move [...]

Blaze the German Shepherd Off Leash Obedience

This video shows a German Shepherd practicing off leash obedience in one of our fields.  He has progressed past the point of wearing a long line or leash.  Once a dog reacts perfectly on a long [...]

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    Training a Dog to Stay in its Owners Vicinity Chicago Dog Training

Training a Dog to Stay in its Owners Vicinity Chicago Dog Training

These two labs were sent all the way from Texas for our doggie bootcamp. Their owner spends a lot of time in the desert and needs his dogs to stay close. In the video, [...]

Teaching a Dog to Come Chicago Dog Training

This video discusses teaching your dog the come command.

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    German Shepherd Training Around Distractions Chicago Dog Training

German Shepherd Training Around Distractions Chicago Dog Training

Bolt the German Shepherd is training off leash around two big distractions. Fresh bacon and his favorite ball! See why the Suburban K9 trainers are called on by clients around the country.

Pomeranian practicing off leash come

Nala is staying with Suburban K9 for our dog boot camp. Here she is practicing a long distance down stay along with a long distance come. She is about 75 yards from the trainer at the [...]

CBS Chicago News Segment

Suburban K9 Teams up with West Suburban Humane Society and is featured in multiple video segments on CBS Chicago News!

Young dog practicing his off leash obedience training

Dusty is a mixed breed puppy that is staying with Suburban K9 for a dog boot camp program. He loves to train and in the two weeks we have had him he has trained in the [...]

Properly Fitting a Training Collar

IF you have decided to utilize a Training Collar with your dog, this video will explain how to size the collar properly. We also discuss some common issues people have while utilizing this collar.

Off Leash Work In The Snow

Professional dog trainer Mike Simmons is working on off leash obedience with an Australian Shepherd.  It was extremely windy in Chicago while filming so we had to cut out the audio and decided to replace it [...]

Over the Shoulder Leather Leash

An over the shoulder leash is a great tool for a well trained dog. The leash allows you to have your hands free while still having control over your dog.

Off-Leash Trained Puppy

This video shows Lenny Szatkowski training a four month old puppy.  As you can see, she is well on her way to being fully off leash trained.  This is her second week in our our board [...]

Gus and Scarlett German Shepherds Off Leash Come

Two German Shepherds come off leash at the same time

Choosing the Proper Collar for your Dog

Professional dog trainer Matt Covey discusses how different collars can be used for different dogs. Watch this video if you would like to learn what type of collar you should use with your particular dog.

Pink and Sadie the Black Golden Doodle

Our Trainer Amanda working with a lab puppy named Pink and an all black golden doodle named Sadie. Sadie holds her down stay as Amanda heels pink around her.